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Colorado Car Accident Lawyers
By Pete Stark
Like other states, Colorado boasts beautiful scenery and popular winter resorts. Yet the influx of tourists and mountain roads can exacerbate the risk of collisions. The worse culprit in car accidents is speeding, followed by cell phone use, drugs, alcohol, and driving to endanger others.

Colorado car lawyers are important. One must remember that state automobile laws have returned to the tort system; in other words, blame must be established in the event of an accident. Unlike the popular no-fault provisions elsewhere, Colorado now insists that the culpable driver's insurance bear the full financial burden of the accident.

Thus, because the process of establishing responsibility requires skill and expertise, a Colorado car lawyer would be the first one to consult. Other experts could also include an "accident reconstruction engineer" whose sole function is computing for the force of the impact. A biomechanics engineer would be able to explain the relationship between the impact and any sustained injuries. What used to be a relatively simple job for the insurance companies has now become big business.

The person at fault would solely be then liable for the resulting medical costs, pain, suffering, loss of work or vehicle damage. For this reason, Colorado

residents have mandatory auto insurance which must include property damage and personal injury coverage. If the case involves wrongful death, the stakes are even higher because Colorado has no ceiling on a claim's dollar amount. To protect themselves from uninsured drivers, Colorado residents must also have under-insured and uninsured coverage which provides the same benefits as that of an at-fault driver.

Like other states, Colorado approaches any claim in parts: the economic damages which is the cost of care and lost income; the non-economic damages of pain, suffering, loss of quality life; physical damages such as bodily injury and harm. Once there is a judgment, the state places a medical lien on the proceeds, guaranteeing that the victim's past and future doctor and hospital expenses are covered.

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