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The Imperfect World
By Sam McKenzy
The world isn’t a perfect place and in no way will everyone will get the justice that they deserve. However everyone can at least try to make their lives a lot fairer if that makes sense in this world we live in today.

One such way is using the law to help you reach your justice. Accidents happen every day, and so people understand that insuring their property be it their home, car to even their lives can make their lives and the lives of their loved ones a much better with the security that they won't have to face a major debt after an accident.

Car accidents happen every day. Though most people will usually try to drive under a safe environment it will always not be possible depending on the situation and therefore the accidents happen. Of course there are still those careless people who intentionally distract themselves from behind the wheel and for those people the law cannot defend those people but the victims of the people on the other side can receive compensation for the hardship they may face in the future.

From repairing their damaged automobile or even buy a new one because the one in the was completely totaled, to paying for medical bills that may stack up from the injuries from the to many other expenses the insurance companies must pay them as long as they apply under the contract that was made between the client and the company. However not every insurance company is sympathetic. They make money because they depend on people on not having accidents.

Yes. That is exactly how they make their money. But in no way is their business in any way a low blow to society. As a firm believer of Murphy's Law I would find it appalling for someone not to insure their expensive and

irreplaceable things such as their home, car and even their lives. If you don't know what Murphy's Law is then I suppose it's time to educate yourself.

There are many different interpretations of Murphy's Law but the basic definition of Murphy's Law is that if there is even a small possibility of anything to go wrong then it probably will at the worst given time, condition and place. In lament terms it means that if you if anything can go wrong, it will.

However as previously mentioned, insurance make their money by betting on their customers to not to get into accidents that are extremely costly. However when they do, the insurance companies pay the least amount of money required by law. Yes, it may seem a bit unfair on their part but they too are part of a business and they must please their shareholders if they wish to continue to survive. But even so, you will need that money to pay off the medical bills, repair and replacement costs so you can't have them to cheap out on you.

This problem can easily be solved if you called your lawyer immediately after the accident. It is best for them to be there with you and guide you because you may say things that might hurt you in court. You were just in an and your heart is beating at an incredibly fast rate as well as your memories of what exactly happened might be jumbled up. With a help of a lawyer they can prevent you from saying that makes no sense and therefore making the law enforcements and the insurance company that you are lying which may compromise your insurance settlement.

Sam McKenzy
construction law


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