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Drive And Talk Safely- A Message From Stokes & Kopitsky, P.a. Atlanta Injury Lawyers
By stokesinjurylawyers
Cell phones are wonderful for family safety and security, but talking while driving quadruples the risk of Atlanta accidents. Ideally, use cell phones when stopped and off the road. If you use a cell phone while driving, try to concentrate on driving safely by

•Avoiding stressful or emotional conversations.
•Hanging up in heavy traffic or bad weather.
•Using message recording,memory dialing,redial,speakers, and other utilities.
•Never writing or taking notes.
•Memorizing your phone’s keypad so you can keep your eyes on road.

Use your cell phone to get help for yourself and others for road emergencies.

A civil case $170,000 settlement


Stokes and Neil Kopitsky, Atlanta attorneys, earned a substantial settlement for a client involved in a Atlanta automobile . The other driver was distracted by a cell phone call and collided with the client's car, causing a serious low-back injury to the client. Shortly before the trial date, the insurance company paid $170,000 rather than risk a jury verdict

Atlanta lawyers Stokes and Kopitsky have successfully helped hundreds of injured clients recover payment for insurance claims, medical bills, lost pay, pain and suffering, and more. Please call us for a free consultation.


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