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Don’t Hit And Run In Wichita
By Remy Na
Wichita or popularly referred to as the Air Capital of the World, is the largest city in Kansas and also a major aircraft manufacturing hub. Wichita is also one the best urban cities to live in all of USA. With a population close to 380000, Wichita is also one the most densely populated cities in USA. One of the most noticeable things about the residents of Wichita, or Wichitans, is their keenness on driving their own car around the city rather than using the public transportation. The constant increase in population has also led to a tremendous increase in the number of cars around the city.

With the increase in the number of cars, there has been an incredible increase in the number of car accidents in Wichita. The ‘hit and run’ law for the state of Kansas, which applies to Wichita,’ makes it illegal to leave the scene of a car wreck. Today, any driver who may have caused a hit and run may face a charge of felony for running away from the scene of a fatal accident.

The earlier laws stated that leaving the scene of an injury scene (hit and run) is only a misdemeanor. Today’s law automatically mandates the case as a felony status if someone flees from the scene of a car where a person is seriously injured or has died.

The law clearly states the duties of the drivers, how and where to report, the punishment and penalties for any kind of violations. Driving licenses may be revoked, transport permit may be revoked or driving privileges may also be withdrawn for a hit and run case. Under Kansas law, the driver involved in any such car where somebody gets seriously hurt or gets killed, must stop the vehicle immediately or as soon as possible and as close as possible to the

site of the accident. The drivers involved in any such must not leave the site of till the cops have arrived, taken note of the incident and duly filled and signed all the paperwork. Also the car must be stopped so as to not obstruct the traffic flow in any manner.

The penalty for not complying with laws can lead to a sentence varying from 1 month to 1 year in prison.

But what should you do if you are on the receiving end of the scene and not the one responsible for it? Well, for the first you should try and get some help and get to one side of the road, so that you are away from moving vehicles. Next, you should try and note down the registration number or the make and model of the car or the color or any distinguishing features of the car so that it can be tracked down if the culprit tries to run flee the scene. You should seek immediate medical attention after calling the cops and make sure that you give them whatever details you may have about the accident. You can also file an report with the Wichita police department or on the official website of the City of Wichita by filling the answers to a few simple questions.

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