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Injuries That A Car Accident Can Cause – Symptoms And Recovery For Spinal
By Remy Na
Car accidents may sometimes result in more injuries than scratches here and there or even broken bones. In many auto injury cases, car accidents cause injuries which tear ligaments and muscles apart from bones. How exactly do you find out about these injuries? What are the symptoms? Well, keep reading to find out about one some of the most common of injuries and the symptoms. Also find out how to receive help recovering from these injuries.
One of the most common injuries caused by car accidents is a spinal cord injury. It is estimated that each year half the patients treated for spinal cord injuries were from a result of a serious car accident. But before we go into deeper detail it is important to understand what a spinal cord is.

A spinal cord is a collection of nerves from the brain to the back. These nerves then travel from the spinal cord to various parts of the body like limbs, chest, stomach etc. These nerves are responsible for the transfer of commands from the nervous system to the different parts of your body like the legs. Our legs move only because our brain instructs them to do so. Similarly, some nerves go from the limbs and other body parts to the spinal cord to bring the signals such as touch or pain or temperature.

The difference between spinal cord and other tissues or muscles is the inability of self healing. A spinal cord once damaged does not recover forever. It is a very sensitive part of human body and therefore is unable to withstand even the slightest of the damage. Every year 10000 new cases of spinal cord injuries are reported in USA alone. Spinal cord injuries can be classified mainly into two categories. These are Complete Spinal Cord injury and Incomplete Spinal Cord

Injury. In case of the former there is complete paralysis below the impact of the injury and in the latter, there is still some functionality left.

The symptoms of a Spinal Cord Injury are complete loss of muscle function, loss of sensation in the body below the point of injury, difficulty in breathing etc. In case of any such injury, medical attention should be immediately sought. If it is not available then you should call 911 for immediate support. A Spinal cord injury in the upper neck can often lead to irregular and uncontrollable breathing which should be treated first. After that the body must be relieved from any kind of physical pressure and should be immediately immobilized.

The usual treatment routine is to give steroids in a controlled manner to reduce inflammation and swelling immediately. The next is a surgery to stabilize the spine. A car can weaken your back so much that it is not able to support its own weight.

A spinal cord injury will likely result in expensive doctor bills and time away from your job. If you have been injured in an auto you should definitely consult a car wreck lawyer to seek compensation for your injuries.

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