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By Alien Sheng
Does Chinese Medicine Work?

No matter what type of established medication you try you have had no success getting rid of that head cold you have had for over a month - you simply can't get rid of the problem. It continues to linger, depleting your energy, weakening your ability to function at your optimum level. Desperate for a solution to get rid of the ailment, you begin to look for alternatives.

The cold has dragged on for so long that when a friend recommends an acupuncturist to you in order to help to relieve your problem you find it amusing at first, but you schedule an appointment because you are willing to try the alternatives. It happens to be someone that she has also gone to, someone who could probably help you and you are ready to try something a little different.

To many, Chinese medicine invokes some cynicism on whether the ideas really work. Being an ancient practice that has been developed through both the physical and spiritual aspects it doesn't tie into the scientific teachings of conventional Western medicine. Traditional Chinese diagnostics and treatments are also often much cheaper than Western methods which require high-tech equipment or extensive chemical manipulation.

A large majority of people that use the method Chinese medicine say that there are positive results that come from the practice and it is a good alternative for dealing with any type of illness even though it is not a proven science. All you have to do to see if this is true is to look at the amount of time that it

has lasted. The various holistic methods that are growing in popularity come from Chinese medical philosophies. And for peace of mind modern Chinese medical practitioners will refer patients to Western medical facilities if a condition is deemed to have put the body too far out of "balance" for traditional methods to remedy.

Science has yet to prove the merit of Chinese medicine, but it can be considered as an alternative to your health while increasingly more medical schools are including classes on alternative medicine in their curricula. At the same time, belief in Chinese medicine remains strong in the area of maintaining health. Chinese medicine, no matter what level of health you are working towards can be effective if you walk in with the positive attitude and open mind to finding the best healing alternatives.

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