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Using A Swot To Develop Your Internet Marketing Strategy
Yourinternet marketing strategy can make or break your business. It isimportant to note that simply setting up a website for your businesswon't make your money. There are thousands of businesses with websites,and there are even thousands of business that are only website based.Among these, lots of of them make little or no money because they haveno internet marketing strategy.

Internetmarketing allows you to do more things than you ever imagined. Yourbusiness may be able to operate at levels you never thought possible.Creating a strong internet marketing strategy will help you developthis new level of business. Before you create that marketing strategy,though, you should consider completing an SWOT analysis. SWOT standsfor Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats. SWOT is a greattool that has helped traditional businesses for years. It helps you toevaluate your business at every level.

Beforeyou complete your SWOT, though, there are a number of things you mustremember. First, an SWOT analysis is very subjective. Not everyone willcome up with the same results from the same analysis. For example, ifeight different people within the very same company did the very sameSWOT analysis, they would probably come up with eight very differentsets of results. This means that you cannot rely heavily upon theanalysis itself. Doing so might lead to trouble for your company.Second, if you are going to engage in this type of analysis for yourcompany, you have to be honest and realistic. You need to

identify yourstrengths and weaknesses, and you need to do so on a level that ishelpful to you. Ignoring your true problems, or bolstering yourstrengths is simply not going to help you or your customers. Lying willonly cause the downfall of your business. Third, be sure that youranalysis makes a clear distinction between the current position of yourbusiness and the future possibilities of your business. Don't spendtime dreaming about where your business might be. Moreover, don'tneglect the future possibilities of your business in favor of beingdepressed of the current status of your business. Next, you need to beoverly specific with your analysis. Don't fight with the areas you areunsure about. Work only with the areas you can analyze fully. Also, besure to think in terms of your competition. For example, if you offerfree basic web hosting services, but your competitor offers free webhosting services with all sorts of extras, you can't really list thatas one of your strengths. Finally, as mentioned before, be specific,but keep your analysis as short and simple as possible. If youover-analyze during the process, you could cause yourself as manyproblems as under-analyzing.

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