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By Cindy Heller
When you are thinking about traditional Chinese medicine the thought of using it as an alternative cure for infertility probably never crossed your mind.

The theory of Traditional Chinese medicine is a very holistic approach to health care. There is the strict belief that there are five forces at work in a person's body at any given point in time. To ensure that a person's total health is kept optimal, a balance of these forces must be in place.

Therefore when you intend to use or follow a traditional Chinese medical cure for infertility you will need to understand that herbs and in conjunction with each other are necessary for the treatments to be effective

Acupuncture and Herbs

Always consult your regular doctor before embarking on any medication or health treatment program.

Now in the case of traditional cures, if the problem is structural in nature, which means it is organ damage or that it is something that requires surgery to correct, do not expect too ,much results with the traditional Chinese medicine as there is no invasive surgery procedures at all.

In the case of functional problems or unknown infertility causes then can traditional Chinese medicine come into play.

This treatment will set its sights on three important organs. They are the kidney, spleen, and liver. These three organs have a direct effect on reproductive organs.

To really target these three organs and to build the proper energy flows from them to the rest of the body, certain procedures will take place. One of them is acupuncture. The other is herbal medication and lastly exercises or known as Qigong. (pronounced as chi-gong)

Acupuncture and Infertility

Acupuncture has been an accepted mode of medical care in the East and Far East for centuries. Only recently has the idea of sticking needles into a person become a little more acceptable into western medical thought. The basic theory of is that it assists the body to realign its energy flows by stimulating the nervous system. has been known to help the body release endorphins to combat stress and relieve pain; this is another side effect of that will help in infertility treatment. Less stress is always good for your body.

When to Use with Infertility treatments

Most medical experts will agree that is generally effective when used to treat issues like hormonal imbalances, rather than structural aberration like damaged fallopian tubes. As will assist to control your body's system, blood flow is better to the vital organs and hormone levels are increased. It has been found that and infertility treatments work best together in cases when is done before any actual clinical treatments take place.

Acupuncture For Infertility - Alternative Options

Just thinking of having a dozen needles sticking into you is not the most pleasant of thoughts .Yes, needles are involved in but actually practiced under the hands of a certified practitioner causes no pain to the recipient at all. Depending on your muscular condition and skin type, you might feel a little numbness at the area or even

a tiny bruise

Acupuncture is not used as a stand alone cure for any medical treatment. The ancients who developed this medical art were very precise in their instruction that to cure the person, one must first cure the problem. Thus enters the use of herbal infusions.

Herbs to cure

Herbs are the platform from where all oral medicine comes from. Just imagine the supplements we eat daily to the medication the doctors prescribe. They are all from herbs!

In the case for infertility treatments, depending on the condition of the patient, the prescribed herbs will be different.

But do understand that taking herbs as an infusion is not as fast as popping a pill. Though there are fewer side effects from taking herbs as they are all natural, compared to a synthetic pill.

Herbs are also different for males and females. So don't just rush out to any Chinese herb store and start grabbing the most exotic herbs in sight, they may not be the right ones for you!

The ancients believed that male are in the Yang zone (heat, light, positive energy) while the females are in the Yin zone (dark, cold, negative energy) thus the herbs that they dispense and use are also classified in these 2 broad categories. So if a woman has too much Yang energy, a good batch of Yin herbs will bring her hormone levels back to normal. Same thing goes for the males!

Exercise your self to a healthy baby!

The ancient art of Qigong is still practiced by millions globally. This is a set of movements and meditations that help the person to bring their body's energy back into focus.

Some simple movements are how to sit, how to sleep, how to breathe when you walk. Some more complex ones are some stretching movements and the list goes on.

Certain areas will have qualified teachers teaching this art, so if you live near a place that has, it might be a good idea to pop by to check it out. The main advantage to this Chinese art against western exercises is that it is gentle on the body and will give your internal organs a good work out too.

Traditional Chinese Medication the rundown.

So if you are thinking of starting any alternative medical treatment, seek advice from your doctor first. But also keep your options open, your doctor might not know everything!

Statistics have shown that natural treatments and other forms of alternative medication are often as effective if not even more effective in treating infertility. Therefore do not fret if you feel that all options have been closed to you, try out acupuncture, try out herbals then see the results.

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About the Author:
Cindy Heller
Cindy Heller is a professional writer. To learn more about male and female infertility, its cause and treatment, please visit http://www.infertilityhelpsite.com.

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