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The Non-megaphone Internet Marketing Strategy
Okay, so you need a great internet marketing strategy in order to guarantee your online success. Whether you're selling rubber pythons, luxory homes or even glow in the dark garden gnomes we all know that marketing online is the most effective and fastest way to reach new customers in order to promote your product.

So what internet marketing strategy is going to launch your online business and really hit that target market for your products?

The upside of the internet is the huge market to be tapped into. The downside for your business is the correspiondingly tough amount of competition. So even if your product is the best glow in the dark gnome ever there's still a mountain to climb.

You could have opt in emails or ezines. what about MLM? Perhaps it would be best to find joint venture partners online to promote your products or your business. Do you need to get an SEO (search engine optimisation) expert to help you find customers? It's difficult for even the experts to know what's most effective.

For most businesses never mind individuals, things are moving so fast on the world wide web it's hard to keep up and a visitor to your web site may only come the once. It's absolutely vital to sell that gnome or widget so many marketeers make the mistake of giving an ever more agressive sell.

Don't do it!

One thing is vital in business. Don't anoy the consumer. If someone repeatedly bashed you over the head and said "buy this now!" wouldn't you feel like telling them to "go

elsewhere and sell your product to someone who actually gives a rats whatsits" ?

Whatever internet marketing startegy you decide to use to promote your product it needs to do so without putting your subscribers or customers right off and with some internet marketing strategies this can be a real danger.

Emails can be an unwanted irritation and potential customers will rapidly opt out of your email marketing campaign if they don't like what there getting in their intray.

You can't spam them anymore, not that it ever really worked anyway. You might just as well walk down the street with a megaphone and wait for the rotten fruit to be thrown at you.

So what's the best internet marketing strategy? Simple. We all know the answer because it's what we want ourselves. Give them something totally free! Everyone likes to get a useful product or freebie. They love it and whilst they may not actually fall in love with you, they are far more likely to become a customer of your online business and actually buy into your products.

So forget the megaphone, avoid the rotten fruit and give them a product that's useful and free! If it goes viral your smiing all the way to the bank.

Author: Tim Phiz

About the Author: Tim has been connected with web site design and promotion for about 8 years and has authored a number of successful onlines sales applications. Tim's latest venture is Make Money Online which offers a variety free tips, free products and advice.

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