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Charlotte's Asterisk Creative Chosen For Website Design And Internet Marketing Strategy
Windward Partners has selected Charlotte marketing firm Asterisk Creative to design its new company website and marketing materials. Founded in 2004, Windward Partners is based in Charlotte and provides staffing solutions, project management and project scope consultation for clients nationwide. The company's staffing arm is lead by former Matlen-Silver VP Greg Smith, and the project management and scope consultation divisions are led by company founders John and Beth Crigler.Windward Partners maintains that three factors directly affect the success of business growth. These factors are the quality and experience of the people working on company projects, the quality of the project's organization

and scope, and the ability of the company to attract and keep excellent hires to promote future growth. Asterisk Creative will produce original photography and images for the Windward Partners brand, and design the company's sales collateral and website.

Asterisk Creative will also focus on creating an internet marketing strategy for Windward.Founded in 2001, Asterisk Creative has more than 60 clients in the Charlotte area, including HRAmerica, the Charlotte Chamber, the Charlotte Bobcats and Verbatim. Visit our website to learn more about our company and clients:

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