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Internet Marketing News: Blogging Is A Must For Any Organization, Including The United Nations
Blogging has become a vital social media tool for any person or organization. According to blog analysts Technorati, there are 79.2 million blogs worldwide, with 120,000 new blogs being created daily and about 1.5 million posts made each day. With numbers continuously rising, it is evident that blogs remain the most interesting and powerful opportunity for communication, news updates, education, personal publishing and political insights that has ever appeared. Many companies are already part of the social media phenomenon, others still need to implement blogs into their Internet marketing strategy.

As Mr. Lee sits in the third row of the U.N. conference room, he rapidly types away at his laptop submitting his latest blog entry on the troubles in Somalia. His blog, which can be viewed at, offers up to date information on topics such as Wall Street and the U.N.

Organizations such as the United Nations allow press personnel to sit in on their worldwide conference meetings. We hear about many problems in the world, by reading their blogs, Political aficionados may want to know about issues in Somalia, Venezuela and Russia and a blog by Mathew Lee is what they may find.

Organizations such as the U.N. and others alike, are well aware of the impact of social media today. Traditional media is no longer

sufficient to get the message across. Blogging is just one of many elements of an Internet marketing strategy that any smart organization should implement.

A blog creates a social community of people who read, comment and learn from the information being supplied by bloggers from all around the world. Having a blog web site with great content will attract users, which in turn will make them more inclined to come back, and you will have at your disposal an effective and inexpensive way to get to know your community better.

It’s important for society to know what’s going on in the rest of the world. Sure you can turn on the tube or read the paper, but as most people now know, the Internet has taken over. Currently, there are about 1 billion users worldwide. Of these billion plus users, 233 million come from the US, and since 2000, there’s been a significant Internet usage growth of 151 percent ( Implement a blog into your Internet marketing strategy, and you will see the advantages social media can offer your organization.

Author, Stephanie Infante, contributes articles on Internet marketing and public relations for Expansion Plus. More information on these and other topics can be found at

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