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The Worst Internet Marketing Strategy Ever?
Many people are downright frustrated.And when you look at their internet marketing strategy, it's no surprise.Yet, they all fall into a classic trap that can ruin your chances of online success before you even get off the ground.Have you heard about the ultimate short-cut to success?Ultimate short-cut? That's right.Many are led to believe that this is the holy grail of marketing online.But, if this is your idea of a perfect internet marketing strategy, think again.Here's how it works...It's easy. Create a crappy product and contact every 'sap' who has an opt-in list of 40,000 subscribers or a website that gets a few hundred hits a day. Then ask them all to promote your stuff.Works like a charm, doesn't it?If you've ever been on the other end of the inbox, you know how annoying this can be.Some person who sends you 12 emails out of the blue, asking (begging) you to endorse his/her product.For example, I recently received a similar email from someone asking me to promote an MLM product to my subscribers and customers.First off, the email was clearly a cut-and-paste job. It might have started with "Dear Jason", but the rest was a boiler plate email.A big no-no when trying to get someone's attention and win them over.And what about the product?For all I know, the product might have been white hot. But, MLM is the furthest thing from my subscribers minds.

Not all of them, but I'll bet at least 90% of them.The problem here?One word: targetingMy subscribers and customers are not the ideal target market for this particular product. If I start promoting MLM, I might as well squeeze in a "how to pick a winning stock" mailing as well.Unfortunately, you will also see this "spray-and-pray" internet marketing strategy in other areas.Let me give you an example.Have you ever received an article on a topic that was no where near what you (or your subscribers/customers) are interest in?Or, have you ever been asked to review a product that was about "snake breeding" or something way off in left field?Have you ever received an email asking you to buy a drug that you have absolutely no use for?The same rule applies: targetingMy advise? To really nail down your internet marketing strategy and hit the pavement running, here's a shortlist of things to consider.>>>>>> Hand Pick Your Partners WiselyNotice I said "hand pick". Choose a few partners that you feel would be ideal candidates. Learn a bit about them and their business BEFORE you contact them.>>>>>> Get PersonalWhen you finally decide to contact a potential

partner, personalize your contact with them. Add a comment about how you like their website or ezine.

Maybe you are a customer who enjoyed their product.Be sincere and it will shine through.>>>>>> Think W.T.G.T.D.W.M.?People are busy, overloaded, overworked. When you send out an email looking for people to publish your article, review your new ebook, or promote your product, you need to think W.T.G.T.D.W.M.?W.T.G.T.D.W.M. = What's This Got To Do With Me?Once again, if you are targeting the right partners and choosing them wisely, this question should be self-answered by the person who are contacting.For example,"Hi Andy. I am contacting you today because you are among the top snake breeders in America."If your article, product, joint venture is related to snake breeding, you are half way to the finish line already.>>>>>> The 80/20 Rule Is A LieEver heard of this rule? 20% of people produce 80% of the results? Online, this is more like the 97/3 rule. If you are looking for joint venture partners online, 97% of people will do nothing to help you.

Sure, they might seem interested at first. But, when it comes time to "play ball", they will suddenly drop off the earth.Your goal? Stop wasting time marketing to "everyone". Find the 3% who will work with you to accomplish your goals and make things happen.Tip: If you are focusing on a highly targeted market, this will happen much easier.>>>>>> Know When To Back OffSo, you've sent two emails with no reply. Is it time to call it quits? Not always. Some people are genuinely on information overload and won't get back to you for several days (if not a week).

Why not pick up the phone, make one last attempt and contact them by phone? If they fail to return your email or voicemail, perhaps it's time to move on (see 97/3 rule above).Remember, the name of the game is targeting. When putting together your internet marketing strategy, pick your partners wisely -- aim to find that golden 3% as quickly as possible.Take your time and get this part right from day one. It makes all the difference in the world when you are sending people something that is of real interest to them.If it appeals to them, they will pay attention, and the boost in response you receive will speak for itself..

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