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How To Choose An Internet Marketing Strategy On A Shoestring
By Michael Turner, Sat Dec 10th

An Internet marketing strategy is important if you plan ongetting your website noticed by web surfers, however gettingyour website noticed by many people is not so difficult even ifyou are on a shoestring budget. The reason for this is many ofthe marketing strategies you need to employ can be done for freeif you are willing to put the time and legwork into getting themestablished. It really is the best way to go if you want to savemoney. Consider the following suggestions for getting yourwebsite noticed by Web surfers worldwide.

Tip #1 Cheap Domain Name

Choose a domain name that is short and sweet and alsoinexpensive. There are many places all over the web where youcan purchase a .com domain name for less than $10. Make sure youdon’t overpay for your domain name registration and be sure tokeep the name easy to spell as well as remember.

Tip #2 Budget Host

You have to have a web host to keep your web page online,therefore this must be part of your marketing strategy. However,you do not need to overpay for a web host. There are manyaffordable hosts on the Internet that offer you the service youneed with fast speed and ample storage space. Don’t go for thefree options because they will end up hurting your business inthe long run.

Tip #3 Search Engine Promotion

Now that you have your website online, you need

to work ongetting the search engines to notice it and return it as a highranking resource. There are two things that are really importantin this process, links and keywords.

Links are important because they are what the search engines arelooking for when they assign you a rank. The more links you haveon the Internet that are pointing to your site, the higher theranking your website will receive. Because of this, you can seehow important it is to have lots of links.

Keywords are another important tool that you can utilize andwill help you get your website returned higher in the results,meaning more people will see it. You must place keywords in yourtitles, beginnings of paragraphs, and throughout the page sowhen that particular keyword is searched for, your page will bereturned as a result. This is very important and something youcan easily do on your own in must a few short minutes.

Tip #4 Pay per Click

Pay per click advertising is another marketing strategy. It doesnot cost you money unless someone clicks on your ad, so you onlypay for advertising when it is effective in getting visitors toyour site. If you are interested in pay per click advertisingthen check out the different program options for pay per clickon the web.

About the author:Michael Turner shows you exactly how to increase web sitetraffic in his free 7 part mini-series. Grab it today athttp://www.powertraffictactics.com/

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