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By Xiang Lin
Goji berry, also known as wolfberry in Western countries, is one of the most obscure, yet very useful and beneficial fruits known to mankind. The plant is considered near the characteristics of the species that include tomato, chili pepper, eggplant and potato. Goji berry was originally native to the small communities in southwest Asia, southeastern Europe and China. Nowadays, the plant is being cultivated in many parts of the world. And there are good reasons why.
Chinese medicine specialist Springherb is distributing different products that have been developed and made from the fruit. By visiting the store and checking out the product brochures, you would find several health products that are made out of Goji berry. Those products are the Wanbao Tea, also known as Ganoderma tea, the Goji powder and the sun-dried Goji.
Wanbao Tea is a Chinese herbal product that is comprising of ground leaves and parts of glossy ganoderma and some parts of the Goji. The tea, just like many other Chinese tea products, has known beneficial features to improve health by boosting the body's immune system. Experts recommend the tea to aging and weak people. In alternative Chinese medicine, Wanbao tea is prescribed for children suffering from anemia. Cancer patients are also provided with nutritional requirements.
Goji berry is known to contain bioactive substances that could be helpful to maintain and improve health. Eating Goji berries is ideal to extract the nutrients the fruit contains. However, because the berry is not common to all countries and exporting and importing it would not be ideal, Chinese manufacturers have devised a way on how the nutrients could be preserved so that more people could benefit from the fruit. Goji powder is that product. The 100-gram bottle of powdered Goji is ideal for creating instant fruit juices.
If grapes can be sun-dried to produce raisins, the same process could be made to Goji berry. Available through Springherb is Sun-dried Goji. Experts say that all the important nutrients and minerals present in the fruit is excellently and conservatively preserved through the natural sun-drying process. Available in 500-gram

packs, you could carry the product anywhere you go and eat it like ordinary snacks.
Overall, Goji berry has been present in the traditional Chinese way of medicine. The fruit has been used and prescribed to boost the immune system, to help improve and enhance the eyesight, to help protect and take care of the liver, to maintain good blood circulation and the boost sperm production among men. Nowadays, some people eat Goji and take Goji-made products to enhance libido and sexual stamina, through there is no approved therapeutic claim for the fruit.
Springherb is a Chinese medicine specialist that is operating actively within the United Kingdom market. Visit their headquarter and main store at Newark in Nottighamshire. The store has all the essential and really helpful Chinese herbal products. and massage services are also provided first hand. You can reach the company through telephone hotline at 01636-706892. Business hours start at 9:30 a.m. to 5:50 p.m. daily from Monday to Saturday.
You can also log in to the company's official Website at In the online site, you could access and retrieve brochures about the products currently distributed as well as the corresponding price tags. There are also distribution promotional schemes that could be of great interest to you. If you want to make the best buys and deals in town, shop in and enjoy the best and most effective Chinese medicine products.

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Xiang Lin
Chinese medicine specialist Springherb is distributing different products that have been developed and made from the fruit. Springherb offers a wide range and lineups of Chinese herbal medicine products.

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