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By John Philips
Acupuncture was developed thousands of years ago in the Far East and is a primary branch of Chinese medicine. The Chinese call Zhue Jiao and it translates to mean, "needle heat". The needle regulates an inner force called Qi, which is responsible for the health of the body. Using to control Qi renders a release from stress and helps to develop physical and mental health in other ways.Physical and mental health is developed by releasing stress with acupuncture. A healthy persons' Qi energy should flow unrestricted and any hindrance will be reflected in symptoms of an illness. Waste formulation is removed by the free flowing energy that delivers everything that the cells need. This improves physical as well as mental health. Indications of a physical or mental disease will become evident if Qi is blocked at any point.

The needles are placed in such a way as to return the flow of energy to normal. The number of treatments required will be determined by this analysis and will depend on any symptoms in evidence. Regular visits to an clinic are seen as a way of maintaining optimum health in China. Patients in many places in China only pay their practitioner if they maintain good health.

The common belief is that is all about needles, but other techniques are also used including burning, herbs and electric stimulation. The instruments used are different with traditional practitioners utilising solid needles as opposed to the hollow tube needles employed by western doctors. Certified practitioners of in the Western world use pre-sterilized, disposable needles. It is normal for no medicine to be used on the needles as the needle itself controls the Qi energy. The patients needs signal whether the needles are manipulated or introduced at a particular angle.

Undergoing regular treatments to maintain constant

good health is normal for clients of practitioners in China. Your emotional or physical health will determine the number of consultations required to restore your body to optimum welfare and at each subsequent stage of your treatment different locations will be used for needle insertion as your health improves. By selecting these changing positions the Qi energy is altered, eventually reaching its optimum level. The course of treatment required influences the depth of needle insertion varying between just below the skin surface or up to a depth of three inches. As the needles are inserted most patients experience no pain, but some clients comment on an occasional pinching sensation when the needles are first inserted. The needles can be easily forgotten after insertion and as the Qi energy is being directed properly a warm, relaxed sensation will be felt at the insertion point.

Sustaining good health is essential and is a safe, comparatively risk free way to attain this. To give a brief outline and to encourage you to consider as an alternative method to improving your health is the principal aim of this article. Largely, conventional western medicine is starting to understand the gains of this ancient practise.

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