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How To Use Banner Exchanges To Get Real Traffic
By Jim Hoffman, Sat Dec 10th

This article is about a not too widely known way to get trafficto your website. Real traffic and real visitors. However, youwill have to get over the stigma of using banner ads and youwill have to be open minded about websites.

This information is what the traffic suppliers would rather youdidn't know. Lets face facts.

You want a lot of genuine hits? You want to do it the right way?

So long as You're not afraid to make use of the massive trafficthat sites generate (the two sites I'm going to mention toyou get close to 25 to 30 million hits a month!!)

If your answer is "yes" to all three of those questions, here'show many genuine traffic suppliers get their visitors (and youcan simply copy exactly what they are doing).

Though you are making use of the massive traffic that passesthrough websites, you are going to stick to the rules, andyou are going to produce GENUINE website visitors.

The term sex was requested over 6 million times last month, Justto give you an idea of what you can expect.

Here is THE METHOD...

Here's what you do - (if sites don't offend you). First,you join 3 Banner Exchanges. (If you join a banner exchange, youagree to show other people's banners on your site in exchangefor a reciprocal banner on somebody else's site)

Then, you set up a small 'adult' site. This site is nothing bigand fancy - just a few pages with thumbnails for people toclick. You basically want this site just to be able todirect traffic. your not looking to make money or anything withit. So basic is key and you can even just use a sub domain onyour current website if you want. Now when a vistor Clicks athumbnail it opens another page where the picture is enlargedand, at the top of the page, you display your exchange banners.

So the banner exchanges are happy.

Then, you get all the traffic you need by simply posting youradult site to all the Free Web Site Link Sites. (You cancreate a big-hitting traffic link to your site withouteven needing to promote it).

However, here's one further little trick needed to complete thecycle...

To ensure that the exchange hits go to your website (and not tothe site) it's necessary to actually display the bannerson your site. So here's what you do...

You place your banners one below the other on a "spare" page onyour (genuine) website ( -for example).

Other than those banners, the page is blank.

On your page (the one with the increased size thumbnail),in order to display the banners you simply include a specialcode into the html document - "Begin End"

This code is set up to grab the banners at the top of your sitepage (if the code runs short in height simply add to the 240above until the 3 banners show up correctly.) In fact, it isactually displaying the whole page, but by limiting the size andwidth, only the banners are visible.

By placing 3 banners at the top left of your web page and thenadding this code to the page, the only thing that is seenon the page (in addition to the blown-up picture) are thethree banners.

The Banner Exchanges will, in return, send you Real LiveVisitors to view your products and contents at your genuine website.

You get 1 Banner Credit for Each Banner, which provides you withat least one Unique Hit.

The Professional Traffic Sellers have many many thumbnails andon each page where the thumbnail turns into the bigger picturethey place the above code. So if they have 30 thumbnails and oneperson views all these thumbnails that is 30 Unique Hits towardthe customers web 30 Banner Credits per BannerExchange.

Now multiply that by the millions of people that view those websites on a daily basis and presto there's the traffic!

If this method of creating your own traffic (or becoming atraffic reseller) interests you, you'll find that you can placefree links to your thumbnail pages at (those two sites alone get 25 to 30 million hitsa month!!)

There are many more Free Web Site Postings available online. The more you post too the more traffic you willreceive......... Your web page with the banners is going to loadat the top of your site picture page exposing yourbanners. Because your banners have been shown to a real liveperson, three hits are registered at the banner exchanges. Youreceive your 3 Banner Credits. The Banner Exchanges will sendyou genuinely interested people to view your product at yourproper website.

Thats it. This is a true and tried secret that many of the bigHONEST traffic sellers use and that most of the "gurus" eitherdont know or wont tell.

About the author:Jim Hoffman is owner of Traffic Goodies. A partner Dedicated to internet success through freegenuine content and offers.


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