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It’s A Fact, Dairy Products Is One Of Your Reason For Acne
By Ryan Liao Guodong
Dairy products are one of the main culprits for causing acne and also aggravating your acne condition. Sometimes, for some people, it is the source for some severe acne cases. Even doctors would be surprise that food like milk which is always recommended is one of your main factor for causing acne.
Milk is one of the household favorite dairy products, and sources of milk comes from cows from lactating. The lactated milk will consist of hormones produced by cow due to pregnancy. If the cow is not pregnant, there will be no milk available. So hormones originates from the cows would comes with the milk we drink in one package. When we consumed the milk together with the hormones in it, our hormones level will increase. It would than cause unstable hormones level which would cause excess oil production and would cause acne.
Milk and dairy products also contains iodine, and iodine can also cause acne. For people with skin allergies on diary products, diary products has even more far-reaching effects, resulting in serious severe acne. For those who has given up hope on any other acne treatment, you could find out if it is diary

products that triggers your acne by changing your diary diet.
For most people, diary product is their source of many vitamin and minerals, especially for calcium. If you are considering changing your dairy diet, remember to find an alternative source for the vitamins and minerals loss from elsewhere. One place you can get minerals is calcium supplement, to ensure healthy growth for your bones and teeth.

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