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How To Drive Thousands Of People To Your Site For Little Or
By Dina S Good, Mon Dec 26th

Every client I have ever had has asked that one burningquestion; "now that I have a great site, how do I get traffic toit?" You spend thousands of dollars and countless hours topolish up your copy, submit your site to all of the searchengines and hope that you can muscle your way to the first pageof Google, only to find that you don't stand a chance unless youhave 10,000 meaningful incoming links from related sites.

Before you throw in the towel and hire some overpriced Guru tocharge you an arm and a leg for the unethical promise of a top 3placement, let me tell you 2 magic words that can create a floodof traffic to your site; Viral Marketing.

Viral marketing is any type of advertising that isself-perpetuating, spreading itself around the net likewildfire. Let's take for example Hotmail. How did they get 12million subscribers in their first year and a half of business?Viral Marketing. At the end of every outgoing message Hotmailincluded the following message: "Get your private, free e-mailat," thereby advertising to everyone whoreceived an e-mail to sign up for this new free service.

Viral Marketing is used by many large companies to createawareness for their brand by often times using cheeky, funny,and sometimes risqué animated clips on the hopes that you willsend it on to all of your friends for a laugh. It is aneffective, inexpensive way to reach an audience that otherwisemay have never seen your product or service. If you like to messaround with

video or animation, I highly recommend you adopt thestrategy used by companies such as Mazda, Red Bull, MasterCard,and Universal Studios. If you are not an animating guru you canstill reap the benefits by hiring a Flash designer who can helpyou story board your idea and create an animation for your ownlittle 'viral ad' campaign.

Always keep in mind your product or service and be sure totarget the audience that consists of your potential clients. Forexample if you sell Medicare supplementals, an ad that relies onsophomoric college humor may be passed around all of the campusemails but you would not be reaching your potential buyingaudience. Know your target market before sitting down to map outyour campaign. A well thought out animation hosted on your sitecan create more awareness for your product or service than anypaid email campaign could ever hope to attain.

Does it really work? My seventy two year old mother while on aroad trip down the coast read an ad in the newspaper talkingabout a singing turkey animation, so she wrote down thisabnormally long web address, came home and emailed it to all ofher friends and family. Now THAT'S great marketing!

About the author:Dina Good is the founder of Flash Consortium, an industry leaderin web site design and marketing. With a strong focus on websites for business and ecommerce, they have successfullydesigned and marketed sites internationally for over 9 years.They are different from other Website Design companies becausethey believe marketing is a fundamental component of gooddesign.

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