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Boost Your Traffic And Page Rank With These Free Tips
By Steve Hill, Mon Dec 26th

I am sure that most people who have a website are looking for anincrease in traffic and a higher page rank. This article willgive you free tips on how to do both.

Pay per click

Pay per click is a form of paid advertising. Programs such asadwords from the search engine Google allow you to place anadvert on the right hand side of their search results. If youare willing to pay a large amount of money per click you mayeven be placed above the normal search results. It is importantto remember not to spend more on the adverts than you are likelyto recive in income.

Paid text adverts

Paid text adverts is another of way of gaining visitors to yourwebsite and it also could increase your page rank. If the advertis on a high ranking page, this may well on its own lead you tomoving up a level in your page rank. If the page has a

largenumber of traffic, this could also be traffic directed to yourwebsite.

Writing articles

Writing articles like the one you are reading is another way ofgaining traffic and a higher page rank. People reading thearticles are potential visitors to your website. Otherwebmasters are able to use the articles on their websites whichcreates you a one way backward link. Google are more likely toincrease your page rank if you have a large number of backwardlinks, especially one way links.

Link exchange program

As I have just mentioned it is important to build up the numberof backward links your website has. Joining a link exchangeprogram such as linkmetro helps you to do this.

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