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Search Engine Strategies China, Ses Nanjing, Selects Seo Expert
By Stephen Noton, Fri Dec 23rd

Nanjing China's Search Engine Strategies conference has gonelive with their website and their official local listingof professional networkers.

NANJING, CHINA -- During the recent Ad-Tech Shanghai there was alot of behind the scenes meetings discussing how to make theupcoming Search Engine Strategies session in Nanjing, China agreat success. One of those meetings was between Inway Ni, theevent organizer and Stephen Noton, a leading member of theSEM/SEO industry. During this meeting Ni requested the help of .Noton to market and help bring exposure to the China SESconference.

"Inway asked if my agency and I would aid him locally inSingapore and of course I said yes. We really need both theagencies and the clients to learn about these events so thatthey can understand the value of attending," Noton explained.Upon getting approval from his board of directors, it wasofficially announced that Noton and his agency, AdvertedInternet Advertising Agency, will be the local networkingpartner in Singapore for Search Engine Strategies China.

The role of local networkers is to answer questions byinterested attendees and exhibitors, but more importantly

it'sto spread the word on the upcoming strategy session in Nanjing.The biggest issue many had with the recent Ad-Tech Shanghaiconference was the lack of grass roots marketing. Many people inthe SEM/SEO industry knew of the event but the end clients wherekept in the dark and these really were the individuals andcompanies that would benefit the most by attending this type ofevent. As a result, on the main duties of local networkers is toensure that interested parties, including end clients, have fullknowledge of the upcoming Nanjing strategy session.

Search Engine Strategies are, of course, focused on the searchside of the marketing/advertising of businesses. With that saidit reaches into many other aspects of e-commerce. While mostmight not understand the value behind search engines, everyonethat attends the Nanjing event will walk away with enoughknowledge and understanding to know that the real value in anymarketing/advertising campaign evolves from the power of thesearch engines. This event will include representatives fromGoogle, Yahoo! and MSN as well as from companies like Baidu.

For information on SES China, Nanjing you can visit the officialwebsite at or contact Stephen Noton thelocal networker at +65 62208769.

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