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Basic Seo For Your Wisconsin Site - Part 3
By Johnny Smith, Fri Dec 23rd

Wisconsin is one of the most beautiful places on earth as wellas the home Green Bay Packers (my favorites).

Many people also want to get a top search engine ranking inWisconsin, because this is a place where people have money.

Scoring high in the search engines often means money for thosewho can improve their sites enough to reach the top of thesearch engine ranking for Wisconsin related phrases.

Since the search engines are getting better and better for eachmonth, it is often not enough just do get the on-page searchengine optimization factors right on the pages you write.

It is key to get many inbound links to your site as well.

You might not have thought about this, but search engines are inbusiness and they too want to make money. Search engines areafter the advertising dollars spend by advertiser and the morepeople

that use their search engine, the more money they make.

The bottom line is that search engines only want high qualitypages show on top of their ranking. This way people willcontinue to use their service and they can continue to rake inthe advertising dollars.

Let's just say that your Wisconsin site is about as good asother related Wisconsin sites. If the on-page factors of thesites are equal, the site with the most inbound links will showon top of the search engine ranking.

This is the reason for you to make sure you get enough inboundlinks if you want a top search engine ranking in Wisconsin.

But, how do you get those links pointing to your Wisconsin site?

One good way to get inbound links is to submit your site to aWisconsin directory or to write press releases.

About the author:Johnny runs a hockey site and loves icehockey equipment and skates more than anything.

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