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Seo - The Most Effective Form Of Advertising.
By Joe Balestrino, Fri Dec 23rd

Why Designers don't do it. Why website owners need it.

More and more website owners and web designers are beginning tounderstand the value of SEO. They know that SEO is one of themost, if not the most effective form of advertising on theinternet. Surprisingly, I still come across web designers thatstill do not know what SEO is or who question the necessity ofit. Some web designers know SEO is important. However, most donot offer it to their clients. Usually, this is because theydon't want to pay someone to do it for their clients. Moreimportantly...they don't care. They want to design your site andget out. They know you can greatly improve the value of yoursite by implementing an SEO friendly design into the build andsave you money in the process.

The least they should do for you is create an SEO friendly siteas this will affect your success far more than any graphic orlayout ever will. They should design a site for you that allowspiders access to the content, not in frames or 100% Flash. Itis the consumer who gets hurt in the end by designers who failto consider the purpose of a site with an eye for aestheticsonly. Once they learn about SEO and realize how un-SEO friendlytheir site is, it is too late. Now they have to pay for SEO andpossible restructuring of the site, which could have beenavoided. Many website owners who know of SEO try to get awaywith as little as possible.

Some people want tags optimized but refuse to optimize content.Why bother? Web designer often come to me asking foroptimization on a site with less than 20 words or refuse tochange the content. It's unreasonable to expect an SEOspecialist to move mountains if his or her recommendations arenot followed. It is safe to say that at least 80 percent oftraffic comes

from search engines. So why wouldn't you want yoursite optimized? How do you plan to advertise? Banners? PPC?Pop-ups? Come on. SEO is the most effective form of advertising.You can still use those other forms of advertising. But, themoney invested will be less with proper optimization.

Large companies are starting to learn the value of SEO. However,designers are not pushing SEO. If Flash is what they want,that's fine. Use flash movies and banners inside HTML. You canstill create an awesome look. The content should be HTML. Notonly for search engines, but for the simple fact that it makesit so much easier to change the content and import RSS feeds.SEO has not reached its peek in the marketplace. People arestill not using SEO to its fullest potential, but those who arereap the benefits everyday. Yes, SEO does cost money and yes, itcan be expensive (especially if your Site is large). SEO is nota one and done procedure. Of course, you will need to maintainyour SEO with updates when necessary. Still, the benefits faroutweigh the costs. Search engines will bring in more trafficthan any other form of advertising on the internet. So why arecompanies willing to pass it up? Is it because there is noguarantee of a top 10 ranking on Google for a brand new site?People who have unrealistic expectations are uneducated inregard to SEO. Those who are educated will know what they canreasonably expect with a competent SEO professional. It is up tothe SEO specialist to meet those expectations. Once the initialSEO implementation is finished, maintaining and reporting willincrease its effectiveness.

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