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Advertising Balloons Take Marketing To A New Level
By Chris Robertson, Mon Jan 2nd

Regardless of what business you're in, it's safe to assume thereare times when you want to catch someone's attention. Perhapsyou want to drive more traffic to your retail store. Maybe youwant your booth to stand out at a street fair. Perhaps you wantyour conference attendees to feel special and appreciated.Whether you're a retailer or an event planner, you should knowthat advertising balloons can take marketing to a whole newlevel.

Advertising inflatables can take many forms. Custom balloonswith your company name and logo can be used outdoors as anattention-grabbing display or indoors for decoration and as agiveaway to kids. Helium advertising blimps range in size fromseven feet long to thirty feet long. Advertising ballooncompanies generally keep generic advertising blimps in stock(such as those that say "Grand Opening" or "Sale"), and are alsoable to print virtually any message on customized blimps inorder to reach your audience.

If you are holding an outdoor event, you may want to consideradvertising inflatables designed like characters. For example,if your company is sponsoring a local baseball game, you maychoose an advertising inflatable that looks like a baseball. Inthe same vein, patriotic advertising balloons - such as theStatue of Liberty, Uncle Sam, or the American Bald Eagle - areterrific traffic builders and are perfect for the Fourth of Julyand other patriotic holidays.


If you're a retailer who needs to build business duringFebruary, giant cold-air advertising balloon in the shape ofheart is sure to be a traffic magnet. If you want to send a morepersonal message to the one you love, you can also rent or buyheart-shaped inflatables with a personalized message banner.

Air dancers, in particular, are a cost-effective means ofbringing drive-by traffic into your retail store.

Advertising balloons represent a new way to get your messageacross to your customers or your stakeholders. The cost ofadvertising blimps and other advertising inflatables is so lowthat it fits into the advertising budget of virtually any small-or medium-sized business.

So, whether you'd like to communicate your message high in thesky, in the midst of a street fair, or on a playing field,advertising balloons can get the job done.

About the author:Chris Robertson is an author of MajonInternational, one of the worlds MOST popular internet marketing companies onthe web. Visit this Business andEntrepreneurs Website and Majon's Business and Entrepreneurs directory.

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