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Advertising Balloons
By Chris Robertson, Mon Jan 2nd

The effectiveness of advertising balloons is topped only by therelatively new phenomenon of advertising wrapping. Wrapping,which consists of printing advertising on thin material andliterally wrapping it around an object to turn it into abillboard, is extremely costly. Advertising balloons, on theother hand, are extremely affordable. Here, then, is the Who,What, When, Where, and Why of advertising inflatables.

Who: Advertising inflatables are relatively inexpensive, and candefinitely accommodate even the most modest advertising budget.Advertising balloons allow small- and medium-sized businessesand organizations to compete with their larger counterparts.

What: Advertising inflatables include advertising balloons,advertising blimps, custom balloons and helium balloons. Someare filled with helium, while others are filled using cold-airblowers. Advertising blimps and advertising balloons aretypically tethered to the ground or a rooftop, and float up to120 feet above the ground. Twenty-foot tall dancing balloons,often in the shape of a person or character, are tethered to theground and are filled using an air blower. Most companies keep avariety of standard advertising inflatables in stock, but theycan also make balloons or blimps in virtually any shape.

When: Use advertising inflatables

anytime you need to draw theattention of passersby. Advertising blimps are great when youwant to attract attention from a distance. If you have a retailstore near a highway, for example, a small blimp flying in thesky will grab the attention of drivers. If you wish to attractstreet traffic, a dancing balloon tethered to the ground atstreet level will cause heads to turn. Keep in mind, though,that dancing balloons tend to fall over in winds over 20 milesper hour, and are most effective on calm days. If you have abooth at a trade show, you may wish to hang advertising balloonsfrom the ceiling.

Where: Advertising balloons and blimps can be used anywhere youwant to stand out from the crowd, whether it's near astorefront, at a street festival, at a fundraising event, or ata trade show.

Why: Advertising inflatables are an extremely cost effectivemethod of drawing attention to your store, product, or service.For as little as $300, you can have an effective advertisementthat you can use as often as you'd like.

About the author:Chris Robertson is an author of MajonInternational, one of the worlds MOST popular internet marketing companies onthe web. Visit this Business and EntrepreneursWebsite and Majon's Business and Entrepreneurs directory.

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