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The Impact Of Large Format Printing Advertising
By David Yuri
Promoting products and services in an efficient way is a primary concern for all companies. A means of advertising that never fails to attract customers is displaying large format printing materials. Exhibition graphics are designed to catch the eye through their sheer size. They usually include the company logo and their strong visual impact guarantees potential customers will remember the products or services these large format printing materials advertise. From floor and window graphics to banners and posters, exhibition graphics are always included in the marketing strategies of companies worldwide, as one of the most effective means of advertising a company’s products or services.Colour large format printing materials are made by using high quality large format printers, which can print photos and text on a variety of materials. Exhibition graphics such as signs, banners or posters are frequently required by companies dealing in various fields to promote their products or services. High quality large format printing involves accurate printing of fade-resistant images, so they have a strong impact on the viewer. This type of promotional material can be used for shorter or longer periods, and in the latter case it is important that the print is long lasting.Exhibition graphics are considered among the most potentially effective means of advertising, along with television commercials. Making large format printing advertisements involves in-depth knowledge and expertise. There are several stages professionals follow when designing and printing exhibition graphics. Extra care is taken when it comes to colour management and preparing the material to be printed, to make sure that the resulting large format printing material has full impact on the viewer. Accurate colours, shapes and sizes are a major concern of exhibition graphics professionals, who are aware that the main purpose of an effective advertisement is not only to catch the eye, but also to trigger a positive reaction for the potential buyer of a promoted product.Most large format printing materials ordered by companies have specific requirements concerning size and design. To a non-specialist, exhibition graphics such as banners, posters or stickers may look similar. However, most of them are customized by large format printing service providers, in order to meet the requirements of their customers. Particularly popular among exhibition graphics are custom banners, made in various sizes and designs. They are mostly used to advertise outdoor events or

product launches. Since these graphic advertisements are mostly used outdoors, the inks used for printing the images, usually on vinyl, must be high quality, both stable and fade-resistant, to make sure, for example, that they won’t peel off in bad weather or fade out after a while.Also popular among large format printing advertisements are posters, which can be used both indoors and outdoors. These exhibition graphics take less space than banners, but they can have an equally strong visual impact on the viewer. Before ordering large format printing posters, companies usually resort to the advice of digital printing experts and advertising specialists, who can offer valuable tips on how to make any type of visual advertisement noticeable by potential customers. Other types of exhibition graphics that can make a strong impact are stickers, either permanently adhesive, for long-term promotional campaigns, or easy to remove, chosen for short advertising runs.Customers can also be attracted through the use of effective floor graphics and window graphics. Such large format printing exhibition graphics are often used for promotional offers of shops and they are sure to catch the eye of potential customers, due to their strategically placement on floors or windows. If window graphics draw the attention of someone passing by, they will definitely be tempted to enter the shop and enquire about the product or service advertised. With floor graphics, the advantage is that they cover a space with immense marketing potential. Highly effective, they are sure to be noticed by those who walk into a shop.Making high quality large format printing advertisements is a job for professionals in both graphic design and digital printing. Balancing colours and getting the perfect contrast and image resolution are among the most important issues when dealing with exhibition graphics. Such advertising materials can be a very strong promotional tool, which is why companies pay special attention to them when drawing up their marketing strategies. High quality print, based on a carefully thought up design, can also leave an imprint in the minds of potential customers, who will surely remember the products advertised.You can now promote your products with the help of our large format printing. By using exhibition graphics which can impress through sheer size, we can guarantee you will capture the attention of many future clients.

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