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He Was Up There!
By Del Germyn

He was up in Alaska in the early 1940’s! He was in the USNR (record here), and the Navy records show the National Bank of Ketchican was chasing him to pay off a loan.

I guess he was there; he borrowed money ($265.00) from the National Bank of Ketchican in Alaska. In those days you had to be there, no mail order loans!

I think I know where the humans came from clams idea was from.

The Native Indians in that area of Alaska and North Western Canada have a legend that they where found in a clam by a raven. I guess he forgot the raven part but the clam idea was just too good not to use.

Beware the dreaded Theet o Vac!

It will clean even the foulest infestation. Help release this needed technology now.

There are no catfish in Alaska, so Lafayette must have went south and joined up. In the advertising word catfish are of historical importance. They have whiskers like a cat. Hence the name. Cats whiskers where instrumental in the development

of radio. As you know radio and its successor television are the two biggest advertising mediums. Thousands of copywriters have made fortunes from these two mediums alone.

Maybe cats evolved from catfish? That would explain the whiskers. They could have been in the clam with the early humans. That would explain why they are the only animal that attracts Thetans.

Beware the dreaded Theet O Vac!!

I am starting to think about flying fish now! Do they have whiskers? Maybe the raven dropped a clam! Hmmmm……….. I read that there are no Thetans above 10,000 ft ASL (above sea level) if you had a pilots license RLH, JT, maybe there would be some relief there. Sea level is the last place you want to be. Maybe they got to RLH in Mexico, attacking a hotel? Would this have been a defense? I was loaded at the time in question your Honor! He was not aware of their existence at the time, but it may be that he was loaded up.

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