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Guildfordonline Has News In Guildford In Its Sights
By Edward Webster
Guildfordonline, a new community website for Guildford, has news in Guildford section. The news in Guildford section has been launched to provide local residents and workers with up-to-date access to the news in Guildford as possible.

Guildfordonline is a powerful tool to reach out to the Guildford population. With the News in Guildford next to the property and whats on, it allows people to come to the site for many reasons, broadening the readership of this online newspaper.

Guildfordonline provides an ideal median for businesses to communicate with the local community. Whether it is advertising a job in Guildford in the Job Section, assisting in a local promotional campaign, or simply providing a reliable resource for news in Guildford, Guildfordonline can develop the way any business interacts with local workers and residents.

Visitors to the site are also able to request weekly or fortnightly newsletters,

which will keep them up to date with the local news in Guildford, Property, jobs, issues and items for sale.

Guildfordonline plans to work with the local community to enhance and expand the content and functionality of the site including the news in Guildford section.

Woody Webster and Fergie Miller, founders of Guildfordonline said 'Guildfordonline provides a perfect platform for those who want to advertise and for those who want to search News in Guildford. News in Guildford have historically either been written through local newspapers, or through national web sites. So the News in Guildford section provides a local online medium for all the jobs available in Guildford at a level only previously enjoyed by the local newspapers.'

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