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How To Advertise Your Website For Free!
By Thomas Surgenor
Advertising can be very expensive aspect of business development. If you are running a home based business on the internet, there are many different ways for you to advertise your business to attract more traffic to your site.
Whatever line of business you are in, advertising is essential but it need not be expensive especially if you have a very limited budget to play with.

So this is one way you can go about advertising your internet business for free leading to additional traffic to your site.

Writing articles is perhaps the most efficient and least expensive way for you to advertise.

Write an article relating to your business or the topic of your website and submit it to "free content" submission sites. If you don't know what these are, you can do a search on the internet to get an idea of what they are and
how they work? Simply put they are electronic magazines (e-zines) which publish articles and make them available on the internet to interested parties.

When you write an article, enclose a link to your web site. For instance I would enclose the following link in my articles ( When someone reads my article they have the option to click on that link and pay
my site a visit. Since you have posted your article on a free submission site,other website owners have access to your article and in turn they may wish to publish your article on their site.

If they choose to do this your article will include a link back to your site from there site allowing their visitors to visit your site. Not too complicated.

Getting your website and business known is easier if you have articles increasing your links and traffic making it accessible for visitors searching the internet. So many people are now buying online that the benefits of having your business and website on the search engines through your articles is one of the most cost effective ways for you

to advertise.

Remember if you don't advertise, how are the buying customers going to know that you are there?

The good thing about articles is that you can write about those things that people want to know about. This can easily be done in a light but professional manner, with a little, not-so-obvious sales pitch added. That after all is the reason why you advertise, to boost your income and what better way to do it than for FREE!

The more articles that you write relating to your business and area of expertise, publishing them on the content sites, the greater chance you have of them appearing on other websites and thereby increasing the number of
incoming links to your website. This is a great and cheap way to improve your websites position and boost your business.

The more incoming links your website has, the more importance the search engines place upon it.
If your website is promoting a product or service, the links contained in your articles will result in more potential customers for your business.

So if you are running a home based business and using the internet to market your business, article writing is a great way to achieve additional exposure without incurring heavy advertising rates.

I'm sure you are familiar with the term 'residual' or 'royalty' income. You know, doing something once and getting paid over and over again for a piece of work that you did in the past. Well article writing has a similar affect.

The search engines do not just index websites, they also index published articles. So any article that you write and publish about your business and websites topic will also be indexed. So, whenever anyone searches for the same topic that you have written on, the list of results will include your site and may even show the entire list of articles you have previously written.

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