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Add Promotional Products To Your Advertising Arsenal
By Spencer Steele, Mon Jan 2nd

We all know that direct mail, magazine ads and online marketingare great ways to increase revenue and create awareness, but oneform of advertising is often neglected and can be a secret salesboosting weapon for any small business. Promotional products area great way to get your brand in front of prospective clientsand keep them thinking of you frequently. Here are some reasonsto use promotional items in your advertising arsenal.

Get People To Your Website - Promotional Items with your logoimprinted on them are great, but a promotional item with yourcompany website on it is even better. Promotional pens,t-shirts, mints and calendars are items that have long timevisibility and are perfect to help drive traffic your site.

Get Existing Customers to Buy From You More Often - Every time acustomer buys from you, you should send them some promotionalproducts as a follow-up. Having a promotional item of yoursaround will remind them to purchase from you more frequently.


Your Customers A Thank You - You should always thank loyalcustomers. You can express gratitude to customers thatrepeatedly by your products, customers or customers who buy yourhigh-ticket items. If someone is spending hundreds of dollarswith you, it's no big deal to spend a few bucks on promotionalitems to thank them. This let's customers know that youappreciate them and build a long lasting relationship betweenyou.

Get an Edge On Your Competition - Chances are, your competitionis not taking the extra time to show customers appreciation.This is where you step in and show that you are heads abovethem. Also, when someone receives a promotional item from youthey are more likely to remember you over your competition.

About the author:Spencer Steele is the owner of - a site that specializes in qualitypromotional products at low prices. Bsleek also offers webhosting, website design, printing, email marketing solutions, CDPresentations and more. Some of Spencer's Favorite Sites: and

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