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Leverage Your Marketing Dollars With Advertising Balloons
By Chris Robertson, Mon Jan 2nd

Gaining the attention of prospects and turning them intocustomers is an ongoing challenge. With so many brands competingin so many marketing channels, it's easy for your message orproduct to get lost in the noise. Small or local companies withmarketing budget constraints face an even greater challenge whencompeting with the seemingly unlimited budgets of national ormultinational companies. The key to attracting customers is toleverage your advertising budget to garner the most attentionfor the least amount of money.

Advertising balloons and advertising blimps can help generatethe interest of prospective customers and draw greater trafficto your location, whether it's a booth at a trade show or aretail outlet. In an outdoor setting, advertising blimps andadvertising balloons inevitably draw the attention of passersby.Visible by car or on foot, advertising blimps and advertisingballoons present a cost-effective marketing strategy that willcreate traffic, generate sales, and increase profits.

There are a number of types of advertising balloons that you canuse to leverage your marketing dollars in order to maximize yourprofits:

Cold Air Inflatables - Up to 25 feet tall, cold air inflatableadvertising balloons can be purchased or rented. You can attachyour business signage to standard cold air inflatableadvertising balloons, or you can have custom balloons made withyour logo or slogan. Once the flat balloon is tethered, yousimply have to attach a fan

in order to have the large ballooncome to life. Cold Air Inflatables are great for parking lots,parks, or other large outdoor spaces.

Helium Advertising Blimps - Helium inflatables are blimps thatrange from seven feet long to 30 feet long. These advertisingblimps can be tethered to the ground or to the roof of yourbuilding for additional height. True attention-grabbers, heliumblimps can be custom made with your company name or logo.

Large Balloons with Helium - You can utilize large heliumballoons - which can be custom made in any shape or with anymessage - inside your retail space, at trade shows, at streetfairs, or at strategic places in a parking lot or in front ofthe store.

Parade Balloons - Every community has a number of parades duringthe year. Small businesses can make a huge impact with largeballoons specifically made for parades. Custom advertisingparade balloons can embody any theme or message, and are a greatway to convey your message to the community.

When you think about all of the times an advertising balloon oradvertising blimp has cause you to turn your head or lookskyward, you understand the power of this inexpensive marketingtool.

About the author:Chris Robertson is an author of MajonInternational, one of the worlds MOST popular internet marketing companies onthe web. Visit this Business and EntrepreneursWebsite and Majon's Business and Entrepreneurs directory.

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