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Home Sellers - Advertising Won't Directly Sell Your Home
By Marc Rasmussen, Mon Jan 2nd

Home owners thinking of selling often times will list their homewith the Realtor who does the most advertising. Sellers want tosee their property advertised in newspaper, real estate books oron the internet. There is a misconception by the public thatadvertising will sell your home.

We Realtors are usually happy to take your listing and advertiseyour property. But not for the reason you would suspect. Most ofthe advertising we do helps us find buyers and sellers to workwith.

The main purpose of advertising is not to directly sell yourhome. If you have been selling homes for a long period of timeyou know that a small percentage of people buy the home theyoriginally called on.

Let's say I am advertising my clients home which is a 3bedrooms, 2 bath golf course home for $450,000. I will takecalls from prospective buyers who ask me about the home. I willgive them the details of the home and hopefully they will buyit. However, this does not happen often and history shows thatpeople rarely buy the home they originally called on. So at thispoint I try to tell them

about other homes that may fit theirneeds. If they decide to work with me I will then hopefully sellthem another home that I have found through the multiple listingservice (MLS) or some other means.

Now, let's say another Realtor is advertising his own listingwhich is similar to my $450,000, 3 bedroom, 2 bath golf coursehome for sale. He takes calls from his advertising efforts anddoes not sell his own listing. However, he has now found a buyerand goes to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). The agent findsmy listing, shows it and sells it. My sellers home hasindirectly been sold by another agents advertising.

So, in essence, advertising creates phone calls and some ofthese callers become my clients. With enough advertising I canbuild up a pool of potential buyers. Now imagine all of theother agents and brokers in my market doing the same thing. Thisis the pool of buyers in the marketplace that are represented bya Realtor. The agents get together and match up their clientswith the available homes for sale usually via the MLS system.That is how your home gets sold.

About the author:

Marc Rasmussen is a Realtor in Sarasota,Florida.

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