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Advertising Divas And Consumer Queens
By Penny Archer, Mon Jan 2nd

Roll over guys, who said statistics don't lie? The latestfigures out in the US support major changes in the way onlineadvertising should be managed in the future, and by whom.

In the past, the saying has always been "don't underestimate thepower of branding" but now the best advice seems to be "don'tunderestimate the power of women!" Ignore it at your peril.

If statistics out of the US are any guide for the rest of theworld to follow, and in the past this has been the case, theneveryone in the advertising industry should give their seriousattention to this fact. Jupiter Research has concluded thatwomen influence 83 percent of all purchase decisions. There aremore women online today than men.

And looking forward, 70 percent of all US women will be onlinein 2006, and looking even further ahead, 85 million women willpurchase products and services online by 2010.

These statistics are huge by anyone's measurements. Does anyoneout there still have doubts as to the potential of ecommerce? Ormore importantly, guys, how do your doubts hold up as to theinfluence of women on the internet?

US women over 40 are devoting more time online per week thanrunning

errands, eating or preparing meals, relaxing, orspending time with friends. Their internet time outweighswatching TV, listening to the radio and other media activities.

So what does this really tell us?

Fact #1Advertisers in both traditional and new media, have upuntil now, been seriously underestimating women power Fact #2Women are the dominant gender when it comes to online spendingFact #3Women know women better than men know women (I'm suremost husbands would agree.)

Who better to understand the consumer behavior of women thanwomen themselves? This last fact should lend itself to a rush toemploy or promote females into the positions of advertisingexecutives and creative directors. Now guys, don't get us galswrong, sensitive men can still create great ads for women andvice versa, but if the above statistics can be believed, thensurely you should be eagerly encouraging the women in yourindustry to play a greater role in both decision making andcreativity.

This makes such common sense to me, nothing biased about it.

About the author:Penny Archer, herself a "Consumer Queen", is a Director ofSmartDames FZ LLC, an international List Broker based in DubaiMedia City, Dubai. Other articles that she has written can befound at or

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