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How To Get 260 New Keyword Ideas In 15 Minutes Or Less
By Daniel James, Tue Dec 27th

For anyone who's ever done keyword research, brainstorming newideas can be a challenge. There are a lot of tools out thereright now, but few tap directly into the brain of Google. Thismethod actually allows you to explore the inner-workings ofGoogle using their own tool.


Go to google suggest


Type in the root keyword you're trying to SEO for or brainstormaround. If you haven't used this tool before, then listenclosely.


Just wait and results will pop up with the top 10 most popularsearches on google for that phrase and 10 others.


How the heck do I get 270 new ideas from this? Ok, lets pretendour niche is "exercise".

Typing in exercise brings you:

exercise exercise equipment exercises exercise ball exercisebikes exercise bike exercise videos exercise programs exercisemachines exercise routines

Want 270 More ideas now?

Type in exercise and the letter A, B, C (27 letters in thealphabet, 10 results come back each)


Here were the top results for "exercise"

and the letter "A"

exercise at home exercise and pregnancy exercise addictionexercise and fitness exercise and weight loss exercise anddepression exercise and health exercise and stress exercise absexercise articles

And how do i know google actually gives you the top 10 realsearches?

Quote From Google (Quotation comes from : ) Our algorithms use awide range of information to predict the queries users are mostlikely to want to see. For example, Google Suggest uses dataabout the overall popularity of various searches to help rankthe refinements it offers. An example of this type of popularityinformation can be found in the Google Zeitgeist. Google Suggestdoes not base its suggestions on your personal search history.

Here's another neat place to check out what's shaking on the webwith relation to google and keywords.. Very Interesting..

About the author:Daniel is the owner of a local advertising and marketing companyand has worked as an online marketer for over seven years.Daniel's book comes out in January covering everything you needto know about writing newsletters for online publishing.


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