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The Importance Of Search Engine Marketing
By Andrew Seidel, Tue Dec 27th

Business recognises the importance of SEO like never before. Thegrowth in the search engine marketing field has been incredible,far exceeding most other industries. In the past achievinglistings in search engines has been very much taken for grantedby many businesses, being treated as less important as thestandard marketing methods such as newspaper, television andradio advertising. With more internet consumers utilising searchas their first options for finding a business of choice, searchengine marketing has come to the forefront of marketing.

A few main advantages of search engine marketing over othermarketing methods are: 1. The cost by comparison is quite low toperform search engine marketing over other forms of marketing.2. Internet users are often much more qualified by the time theyfind your site as they have been searching for your specificservice or product. 3. Your advertising is running seven days aweek, twenty four hours a day. To attain this kind of exposurethrough any other form of marketing would blow any businessesmarketing budget out the window.

The fact that SEO is a much cheaper form of advertising (and anextremely effective one) has not gone unnoticed for many savvybusinesses. Realisation that cost of acquisition is markedlycheaper means that many companies

are directing increasedresources from their marketing budgets towards search enginemarketing campaigns.

In the search engine marketing game, Google is clearly theleader. Estimates vary as to how much of the market Googleactually has, but most estimates are around 75%. This being thecase; while it is important to focus on Google, Yahoo and MSNwhen optimising your site, the majority of focus should be spenton Google.

If you don't have a proper SEM strategy in place, or part ofyour marketing budget set aside for search engine marketing, Isuggest that you seriously rethink your marketing strategy andlook at the benefits that your company or business can achievethrough having a strong presence in the search engines. You canbe fairly certain that your competitors are either utilisingsearch engine marketing, or seriously considering it.

Do you really want them having a competitive advantage over youwith your business being left behind?

About the author:Andrew Seidel - SEO Specialist and Search Engine MarketingConsultant for Quantum Web Solutions in Sydney, Australia.

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