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Know Your Audience
By Michael J. Garrett, Tue Dec 27th

Designing a web site is hard enough. You spend countless hoursworking on how it is going to look and what cool specialseffects it is going to have. You even spent hours picking outyour site colors. So now what?

Now you have to promote it. But how? There are many ways. Youcan submit them to search engines, join a pay per clickadvertising program and link exchanges. Of these link exchangesare the ones most picked, mainly because they are free. But dothey work.

According to the emails that keep coming into my inbox, linkexchange is dead. The big search engines know what they areabout. Back scratching. You link to me and I will link to you.It does not help your SEO or your quest to be #1 on Google orYahoo. But it does give you awareness to the people youexchanged links to. And this can be helpful.


believe there is no one way to get your site ranked number onewith anyone. But I do think if you plan your strategy correctlyand use all of the tools available to you, you can get what youare looking for. You designed your site and you know what youraudience is looking for. You may even know where your audienceis.

So just because you hear certain marketing methods are dead,don't give up hope and sell your domain name. Use the normalprocess to get ranked among the big boys and use you linkexchanges for awareness to your targeted audience.

About the author:Michael is currently growing his new venture as editor ofChristian InTech. Michael spends most of his time gatheringtechnical articles and information for his site. You can findhis site at http://www.christianintech.com.

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