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Free Marketing Strategies For Businesses To Make Serious Money
By Ryan Wilt
As with any business traffic is everything. That statement is especially true for home businesses. The advertising strategies that are going to be explored are great for both offline and online home businesses. Just employing a few of these will greatly increase your traffic helping you make more sales and make more money in your business.

The great thing with the internet is that there are many different and powerful ways to promote your business many of which are absolutely free. You can get targeted prospects to visit your website or just become aware of your business without spending a dime. All it takes is motivation, action and however long you want to spend on the computer letting the world, or just your neighborhood, know about your business.

Let's start with the easiest way to garner free website traffic to your business. It's something we all do daily, perhaps multiple times daily, sending emails. Send a friendly note to all your contacts about your business,
home business. A simple way to accomplish this is to place a note in your signature file for all your outgoing emails. You know those chain emails everyone hates? Attaching a signature to one of these and sending it on can get your opportunity or general advertisement seen by thousands of people daily.

Forum advertising is another great way to get traffic. Do a Google search for forums in your niche. Once you find (free) ones sign up for a membership and do the same thing as in your emails, attach a signature. This signature will
be seen by all the people on the forum once you start becoming active. It is also important not to spam these forums with advertisements for your business. You're on their ground so you must be sure to abide

by their rules. Instead of soliciting in your posts, find topics that you can offer some input to, make these postings informative. After a few helpful posts, members may begin to see you as an expert on the topic and naturally visit the link in your signature to find more information. Posting on forums is also a great way to increase your inbound links to your site if you have a website, which will increase your ranking in the search engines.

If you run an online business don't overlook the power and traffic that you can get from offline advertising. Print up some flyers or business card sized advertisements, slip these wherever you go. Put one on the pump at the gas
station, go to the bookstore and slip some in books of your niche market, someone interested in what your business offers will pick that book up and eventually find the present you left for them. Even slip them in outgoing
mail. There are endless possibilities with free offline advertising. You just have to get creative.

Many opportunities exist today for the internet marketer, well in fact anyone who wants to harness the power of the internet to increase attention to your business, increase website traffic for your online home business and more.
Also, many of the ways you can advertise online you can get at no cost to you. Open up your mind, get creative and look for possibilities everyday all around you for a change to advertise your business for free.

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