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Customize Your Catalogs
By Andrew Michaels
How much control do you have over your catalogs? Do you pay attention to where everything is going in them, what products are featured on what page along with how large the advertisements are? Do you track all of your sales in order to help redesign your catalogs to better serve your customers?

The last of those questions is the biggest and the one fewer companies care to pay attention to. The fact is catalog printing offers a company a method of customizing their advertising in a way few other forms are able to achieve.

The ability to track sales with catalogs is better than any other form. After all, you can place an ad in the newspaper or put a TV commercial up, but you can't really know how many people purchased a product because of those advertisements. Maybe someone who happened to walk into your store for a completely different reason happened upon the product and made a purchase.

But with catalog printing, where a person actually orders from the catalog, you can have a greater control over your information. If that catalog is the first time you advertised something and the only way a person can buy the product, you know for certain that the catalog is what made them interested in buying it.

This means that products that you might've thought wouldn't sell as well, and therefore are near the back of the

catalog, do better than you had expected. For the next catalog you can put that item near the front with more space allotted to advertising it.

Pay attention to the wording you use. Maybe a product you thought would sell very well doesn't reach your expectations. Focus on the wording in the entry to see if maybe it isn't what people are looking for, or if it isn't easy to understand.

Your catalog should be like a mini world people are entering into that you have complete control over. What they see and when they see it are things you can have a big say in, and since you are able to so easily track how successful different products are, you can alter and customize your catalogs specifically for your customers.

It isn't as easy to reposition all of your products within a store in order to do the same. You won't find such a strong level of control in any other form of marketing than you will with the catalog printing for altering how people view the products.

If you're company is using catalog printing get the most out of it by tracking what your customers enjoy. Give them exactly what they're looking for and use all the information you have to make an end product backed by research on the sales patterns of your customers.

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