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General Marketing Versus Direct Marketiing: What's The Difference?
By David L. Felts
General Marketing is often referred to as 'Brand Marketing'; it's a marketing effort intended to increase awareness of the company and the services or products offered. A Budweiser commercial with the stomping Clydesdales is Brand Marketing. Most primetime TV commercials are brand marketing.

Direct Marketing is marketing undertaken with the intent of provoking a response, that response usually being to call in and order, or go to the web site and order, or to sign up for something.

Those late night infomercials are Direct Marketing (DRTV - Direct Response Television). They give you an 800 number to call. That 800 number is a special number used for that particular commercial for that particular station for that particular time. By tracking responses through that number, the advertiser can determine if the ad was effective.

Most email marketing is Direct Response - Click here and buy now! Most Pay Per Click advertising is Direct Response,

though it depends on the targeted keywords and the industry.

Have you ever heard that Dell radio commercial where it says to go to That's direct response, because they are sending you to a specific URL. When you go there, they know you came from their radio advertising campaign. With that information, they can judge the effectiveness of the campaign in terms of dollars spent versus revenue generated.

With Direct Response, there's a method to directly tie the advertisement to the response, which then allows a financial assessment of the marketing communication. That assessment can then be used to judge the success of the campaign in terms of meeting cost to acquire goals.

About the Author
Dave is a full-time Search Engine Marketing Manager. He also runs SyteSurge, a web site dedicated to search engine marketing and search engine optimization.

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