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What Ebay Offers Sellers
By Jay Bauder, Mon Jan 2nd

What E-Bay Gets from Sellers

E-Bay has indeed changed the way sellers handle businessnowadays. In some cases, sellers in E-Bay are really dependenton the service up to the point that they are financiallydependent on the system. Despite of that, E-Bay has a continuousgrowth rate and appears much bigger and financially capable thanbefore. What do they really get from sellers?

According to E-Bay officials, they act as the middleman forcustomers and sellers. Their site is a portal in which both thesellers and buyers could meet and have an interaction regardingthe items that are for sale. If compared to the more realisticsetting, E-Bay is the online version of a flea market andinstead of the buy and sale way of transaction, the flea marketholds an auction and whoever has the highest big would be ableto get the item. This is exactly what happens in E-Bay. The onlydifference is that the whole world gets to participate in thebidding process. E-Bay usually charges a certain amount tosellers who wish to have a space in e-bay's portal. The terms ofpayment could vary depending on the intent of the sellersregarding how long they would be able to maintain theirbusiness. There are different paying schemes like monthly,quarterly, and yearly. Most transactions are handled online.


this system, E-Bay would be able to earn some moneybefore sellers could be able to sell their products and items.Whenever a product is sold, E-Bay does not receive a percentageover any successful transactions. Aside from that, E-Bay alsohas certain rates for advertising charges. If sellers would liketo advertise more their products through E-Bay, they need to buya certain amount. Advertising products or goods is a good way tosell product because people would be able to see the ad andpotential customers could be able to inquire about the product.

On the other hand, E-Bay offers the convenience of onlineshopping just right at the tips of the buyer's fingernails. Thisis really a treat considering the busy lifestyles that peoplehave these days. E-Bay offers the sellers a chance to servicethose people that have money to purchase such items but does nothave the time to go out and actually have time to buy everythingthat they like. The relationship between E-Bay and sellers isactually a mutual and beneficial one which is also the reasonwhy it works.

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