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Ebay Getting The Top Bids
By Jay Bauder, Mon Jan 2nd

Making your Item Get the Best Bid on E-Bay

Having a worthy item does not immediately guarantee that youwould receive the highest bid. Sometimes, it takes more than agreat product to get the top bids in E-Bay.

One of the things that you should consider is the presentationof the product. The product should be presented carefully andgracefully because buyers are often attracted to products thathave presentable packages because it promises that it is also aquality product.

Research is always a good thing therefore a little researchregarding your product is important because it would help youdetermine many things in E-Bay like the demand of the product,the price range for the product as well as the quality of yourcompetitors. As they say, keep your friends close but keep yourenemies closer and this saying is really appropriate for E-Bay.

Okay now, first things first, make sure that the product is onthe right category. This is because most customers browseproducts online through categories and once you put your productin a different category, chances are customers would only bypassthe ad and you would lose your chance of selling or evenadvertising the product.

The right category is important because it makes your productknown in this department and if it is really good then thequality

of your product could be known. The second thing thatyou have to consider in order to have a high bid in E-Bay is totake quality photographs of the items.

A quality picture means that the item should be presentableenough for sale. Though quality pictures suggest a presentableoutlook, it does not mean that you should lie regarding thequality of the product. Honesty is the best policy here and forexample your items have minor defects like a glitch on thebackside.

Be honest enough to admit it and also take a picture ifnecessary. This would ensure the customers that the damage inthe item is only minor and could not affect the purpose andreason of the item. Another thing that you could do is toadvertise.

Advertising is really not a bad thing because you give exposureto the items and the longer you expose it, the more potentialcustomers you could have thus giving you the chance to have abest bid of the product.

Getting the highest bid only needs a combination of strategicplanning as well as execution. This is needed so that one couldmaximize the benefits of E-Bay.

About the author:

Jay is the web owner of http://www.the-lowest-prices.com Online Shoppping, awebsite that provides information and resources on onlineshopping malls and discounts. You can visit his website at:http://www.citydeals.net Online Deals

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