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Personals - Starting An Online Dating Site
By Jay Bauder, Mon Jan 2nd

How to start an online dating service business

Making new friends and finding the person of your dreams is notas easy as it used to be. With the busy daily life of singles inthe US, there is no available time for socialization outside ofwork.

Why is online dating service considered a profitable business?Here are some of the facts:

* Almost .5% of the US population is either single or divorced.The largest online dating websites have over 700,000 personaladvertisements and profiles all enthusiastically searching for apartner. There have been thousands of marriages resulting frominternet introduction.

* Internet-based dating services receive millions of dollars inrevenue every year. There is guaranteed money in this business.

* Basic emotional needs are the easiest to sell. These needsinclude dating, love and romance. You will be paid by marketingromance to the increasing number of single web surfers.

If you are thinking on starting up your own online datingservice business, here are four important factors to consider:

1) Online dating business plan: Organizing a plan would allowyou to operate the business and ensure your company's growth. Abusiness plan is crucial for organizing and seeking potentialclients. A business with development potential is always a saferinvestment than a business that settles for breaking even.

A plan would provide you with a clear view

of your business'future. It summarizes the company's goals and provides yourfuture staff to have information that is vital to the dailyfunction of your company.

2) Website management method. You should plan for a presentableand quality web design or hire the best web designer in theindustry. Determine which web hosting service is the best andenroll in it. For your website to attract thousands of visitors,you would need web hosting that could accommodate all thetraffic and database of your members. You could also considerbeing your own web host that would enable you to manage your ownserver.

3) Marketing and advertising. The online dating service wouldrequire a large amount of advertising money to be able to setyour company apart from the thousands of other dating servicesin existence.

4) Financial plan. Organizing your financial plan would help youestablish the budget necessary to cover your daily operatingcosts. This plan would also help your company to developlong-term financial goals. If you have successfully achieved allof your plans necessary for the company to run, you could nowstart your own online dating service business and give thesingles a chance to meet their dream partner.

About the author:

Jay is the web owner of Online Singles, a websitethat provides information and resources on personals, dating,and singles. You can visit his website at: Online Personals

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