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Making A Fortune On The Net With Affiliate Programs
By Paul Majestyck, Mon Jan 2nd

Making a Fortune on the Net with Affiliate Programs

The World Wide Web could be considered a synonym foropportunity. Millions of Internet entrepreneurs are finding newways to make money online, as the opportunities for buildinghome based businesses online are growing everyday. Existingbusinesses are using the Internet as a vehicle for marketingtheir products and services online while at the same time brandnew businesses are getting started with only a home computer anda determination to succeed. The general landscape of commercehas changed forever.

One of the most exciting developments of Internet marketing thatis making many entrepreneurs rich is affiliate marketing.Affiliate marketing could be the future of marketing andreplacement for much of traditional paid advertising becauseaffiliate marketing only cost the advertiser when theadvertising is effective. In any affiliate program there is ahost web site and affiliates. Affiliates advertise for the hostweb site using banners, text links, and e-mails with embeddedtext links and when a web search surfer clicks through from anaffiliate link to the host site and makes a purchase theaffiliate is paid either a set fee or a commission based on theaffiliate agreement.

According to Paul Majestyck of ,"Affiliate marketing has proven to be so profitable that somepeople are making a fortune on the net solely through affiliateprograms." These affiliates are basically advertising agentsearning profits by selling other people's products and services.This means that the affiliate can concentrate on the primaryobject of generating targeted traffic and promoting affiliateproducts.


potential for making money in affiliate programs isvirtually unlimited but affiliates need to choose the rightprograms to maximize the chances of success. One of the mostimportant aspects of choosing affiliate programs to promote isto choose products and services that would be of interest to theaffiliate's current traffic base. For example, a webmasteroperating a web design firm is going to be most successfulpromoting affiliate programs for products that would interestthose who are building new web sites. Potential products andservices to promote might include search engine optimizationservices, blog template design and implementation services,Internet marketing, web content and merchant account services.There is a much greater chance of making sales when theaffiliate links are relevant to the market of the affiliate website. A web designer is not going to have much success promotingaffiliate links for vitamins or other unrelated products. It isall about targeting qualified prospects.

There is no doubt that affiliate marketing will continue to growin the future creating even greater opportunities forentrepreneurs all over the Internet.

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