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How To Start Your Own Home Based Business For Free!
By Chris Robertson, Mon Jan 2nd

Are you looking for a home based business that you can start ona

shoestring - or free? Your home computer and a stable connectionto the

internet can provide you with free home based businessopportunities that

weren't available just ten - or even five - years ago. If you're

creative and willing to work hard at marketing, you can have asuccessful home

based business that cost you nothing at all to start.

Open an Ecommerce Store for Free

There are a number of businesses that will give you a free website,

built and ready to go out of the box. Turnkey ecommerce websites may

come with pre-stocked catalog templates, completely installedshopping

cart software, banner ad software - even one-click search sitesubmission

engines to get you up and started selling with your own freehome based

business web site in next to no time at all. Depending on theproducts

you choose to sell, they may even provide all the record-keepingyou'll

need. You provide the advertising, promotion, marketing plansand

customer service.

One of my personal favorite types of free ecommerce homebusiness

opportunities is the type that allows me to combine my owncreativity with

their products and support. Print-on-demand web sites are agreat

example. They stock 'blanks' - t-shirts, book bags, coffee mugs,mouse pads -

anything that can be printed. You can set up a free storefrontusing

their easy-to-customize templates, choose a few products, andthen upload

your own designs to be printed on them. Mix in a little creative

marketing, and you have a unique home based business that costyou nothing at

all but your time.

Sell Ad Space On Your Web Site

Affiliate internet marketing is one of the biggest moneymakinghome

based business opportunities on the internet today. Expertsestimate that

companies will spend nearly $20 billion on internet advertisingthis

year, and most of it will be spent on small web sites just likeyours.

The internet offers marketers an unparalleled opportunity tofine-tune

their marketing and put their advertising dollars where they'llbring in

the most customers. By

choosing web sites that cater to themarket that

they want to sell, merchandisers get far more mileage out ofevery

advertising dollar. If you run, or can create, a web site with afocused

subject and steady traffic, you can sign up with an affiliatemarketing

program that places 'contextual ads' on your web pages, and reapthe

benefits of other business' internet marketing efforts.

Your investment? A monthly web server fee, and the time it takesto

create, maintain and market your web site.

Create a Direct Sales Web Site to Help You Get Your Home Based

Business Off the Ground

The internet takes direct sales to a new level. You know directsales -

door-to-door and home party businesses have been one of the most

popular ways for home based entrepreneurs to make extra moneyfor years.

Direct sales offers you a time-honored home business opportunitywith a new

twist. Instead of schlepping door-to-door with a sales kit, youcan find

a good wholesale drop-shipper and set up a web site marketingtheir

products. It may take some serious research to find legitimatedrop

shippers, but the best wholesale companies will provide you withtemplates

for marketing web pages, pictures of their products that you canuse for

selling, and marketing materials that you can quote in your own

catalogs. You take orders for their products, and forward theorders to the

drop shipper - they fill the orders and send them directly toyour

customers. Some even bill the customers and send you yourcommission, leaving

you with nothing to do but the marketing and customer service.

There are new home based business opportunities opening up onthe

internet every day. You can buy into most for very littlefinancial

investment up front. Shop around, read up, and then find aproduct or service

that you like, and join in the fun.

About the author:Chris Robertson is an author of MajonInternational, one of the worlds MOST popular internet marketing companies onthe web. Visit this Business andEntrepreneurs Website and Majon's Business and Entrepreneurs directory.

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