Electric Guitar Lessons

Electric Guitar Lessons

A combo package of four complete Guitar video courses each packed with numberous Guitar lessons designed for Guitarists who are ready to take their Guitar1000.hop.clickbank.net/'>playing to next level…and beyond!

These lessons are for beginner, intermediate and advanced Guitarists. You’ll learn how to Guitar1000.hop.clickbank.net/'>play electric Guitar with 15 year music teaching veteran Al Bermudez, who’s intelligible and comprehensive lessons are easy to understand.

Starting with beginner Guitar lessons this Guitar course will teach you everything you need to know to begin Guitar1000.hop.clickbank.net/'>playing lead Guitar from the most basic beginning principles, to the most subtle advanced nuances, and will transform you into a complete Guitarist who can make their Guitar sing.

With this series you’ll learn to Guitar1000.hop.clickbank.net/'>play electric Guitar in a natural progression.? Each theory, principle and/or technique taught in one lesson is applied in the next, so what you learn is constantly being reinforced and becoming ingrained into you musical consciousness: there for you to call upon whenever you need it.

And the best part is, you can do all this without having the ability to read music!

That’s because our online electric Guitar lessons (also available on DVD) includes Guitar TABs. Guitar TABs are an intuitive music notating system that shows you exactly where the notes are on the Guitar, unlike conventional standard music notion (also included) that merely tells you which notes to Guitar1000.hop.clickbank.net/'>play.

In a nutshell, if you’re learning to Guitar1000.hop.clickbank.net/'>play Guitar and want to become a lead Guitarist, Ultimate Guitar Lessons Complete Pack clearly and precisely shows you how to get the most out of your Guitar and Guitar1000.hop.clickbank.net/'>play like you never thought possible.

learning to Guitar1000.hop.clickbank.net/'>play Guitar

Fine tune your Guitar technique for speed, control and accuracy!

Just as a tune up makes car more responsive, tuning up how you Guitar1000.hop.clickbank.net/'>play the Guitar gives you the confidence to reach out and Guitar1000.hop.clickbank.net/'>play faster runs, skip from string to string, and add special effects that really makes your Guitar1000.hop.clickbank.net/'>playing shine.

Here you’ll learn to Guitar1000.hop.clickbank.net/'>play Guitar with proper left and right hand positioning. You will be able to Guitar1000.hop.clickbank.net/'>play quicker with less fatigue, while at the same time increasing your accuracy and improving your tone.

Included in this specialized series of lesson are exercises that’ll help you increase your finger independence and your familiarity with the neck of the Guitar.

Completing these beginner Guitar lessons, you’ll know how to Guitar1000.hop.clickbank.net/'>play electric Guitar using such eye-popping and ear-pleasing techniques such as string bending, hammer on and pull offs, string skipping and more, up and down the entire length of your Guitar’s neck.

learning to Guitar1000.hop.clickbank.net/'>play Guitar using the techniques in these lessons will set you apart from the pack. You’ll make your Guitar a more expressive instrument with the use of tremolo, vibrato, muting and other articulations that many other electric Guitar lessons on DVD simply ignore.

Guitar Scales

Knowing the scales on the Guitar is a must for anyone learning to Guitar1000.hop.clickbank.net/'>play Guitar. Many Guitarists try to skip over learn the scales in various positions only to get “box in” when it’s their turn to solo.

Guitar1000.hop.clickbank.net/'>playing “box” patterns that are often taught in beginner Guitar lessons is not unlike painting with just a couple of colors, where as having the various scales at your disposal gives you an unlimited palate of colors to choose from at your fingertips.

With these scale studies, you’ll learn to Guitar1000.hop.clickbank.net/'>play electric Guitar using the entire neck of your Guitar. Not only will you be able to solo from the lowest notes to the highest notes on your Guitar, you’ll be able start your solo virtually anywhere on the fingerboard.

In addition to the major and minor scales, these electric Guitar lessons also cover the pentatonic scale and its various inversions, as well as the chromatic scale with all of its valuable “in between” notes.

Mastering these scales will make your solos more melodic and have you Guitar1000.hop.clickbank.net/'>playing comfortably anywhere on the neck of your Guitar.

How to Guitar1000.hop.clickbank.net/'>play Lead Guitar

These are master class lessons that dive into the details of how to construct a musically viable, crowd pleasing solo.

Designed for the intermediate level Guitarist who is looking to expand upon their beginner Guitar lessons, or the advanced Guitar Guitar1000.hop.clickbank.net/'>player wanting to review the basics and learn some new killer licks, these lessons contain sound principles that you’ll use every time you pick up your Guitar.

Everything is covered from how to breakdown the chord changes you’ll be Guitar1000.hop.clickbank.net/'>playing over, to which scales work best for to create the mood you desire.

Then you’ll learn how to construct your own solos from the beginning; you’ll learn how to Guitar1000.hop.clickbank.net/'>play electric Guitar with the elements of phrasing, how to end your solos with maximum impact, and even how to adding a little flash that will have everyone saying, “Wow, that was cool!”

You’ll Guitar1000.hop.clickbank.net/'>play electric Guitar solos with the easy confidence of a seasoned pro, and pick up more than 500 tasty Guitar licks along the way.


Concepts for Guitar Soloing

learning to Guitar1000.hop.clickbank.net/'>play Guitar in the style of the masters is made easy with Concepts for Guitar Soloing Vol. 2.

Continuing to pull the thread with the elements that you learn in vol. 1, these electric Guitar lessons show you even more advanced principles for constructing solos while expanding your musical horizon in a variety of styles, including rock, blues and even funk.

You’ll also increase your musical vocabulary and your repertoire with even more hot licks, along with a few trade secrets that you won’t find anywhere else.? This is where you’ll learn to Guitar1000.hop.clickbank.net/'>play electric Guitar in a whole different realm: the professional arena.

Once upon a time, you’d have to take years of private lessons to get all the training, concepts and licks that we combined into the definitive comprehensive Guitar soloing package that has given thousand of Guitarist the ability to Guitar1000.hop.clickbank.net/'>play how they always wanted to Guitar1000.hop.clickbank.net/'>play.

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