How to cloak link

I know you’ve been told that if you don’t hide your affiliate ID people will just replace it with theirs and steal your commissions.

What some people have done is come up with cloaking software that cloaks both your links and removes the hop=YOURID from the status bar at the vendor’s site.

Another feature they claim it will do is allow you to bypass the vendor’s sales page and go right to the order form.

Only third-party cookies can be set from within an iframe, and most browsers have them turned off by default.

ClickBank, and most if not all other affiliate networks use cookies as their primary tracking method.

In the case of ClickBank they do have other methods of tracking in case cookies are disable, but if there is a cookie it takes priority.

CB will use a secondary method of tracking your ID so when you click through to the order page you will see affiliate=YOURID and everything looks fine.

When someone visits your site and sees your review or banner there’s a good chance that they had clicked on a competitor’s hoplink before arriving at your site.

Now when they click on your link the cookie wouldn’t be reset to your ID because only third-party cookies can be set within an iframe.

So since the cookie still contains your competitor’s ID and cookies take priority your competitor will get the commission instead of you.

Just explain that they can do it by changing the landing page to their site/landing-page.php and then make that page redirect to their site using the same technique I showed you to cloak your links.

The second reason is that in some cases cloaking the URL may actually cause the affiliates to lose commissions.

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