Is Going Cold Turkey an Effective Way to Quit smoking?

Have you ever tried to go cold turkey in the past? At some point or other, smokers who have tried to quit generally try this method – but most of them don’t really make it past the very first hurdle. That has led to a lot of people questioning whether or not going cold turkey is really all that effective at all, and has also led to many people preferring to just ‘cut down slowly’ rather than stop all at once!

Here’s the truth: Going cold turkey is by far the most effective way to quit smoking.

Unfortunately, despite the being the case it is also not easy to pull it off – as is evidenced by the many people who have tried and failed. Still, you’ll find that going cold turkey is going to give you a far better chance at actually kicking your smoking habit completely, and it is certainly going to give you a much better chance than if you were to cut down gradually.

Frankly speaking, the main hurdle that there is to quitting smoking has got to be the cravings. These cravings are a result of nicotine, and the fact that your body wants you to keep its nicotine content at a certain level since you’ve practically trained yourself to do so by smoking regularly. If you were to consciously cut down on your smoking, you’d be reducing the level of nicotine that your body is used to having – and this may seem like a good thing. But the fact of the matter is that you’re still going to have cravings, and if you aren’t careful those cravings will become stronger in time!

On the other hand, going cold turkey will mean that you literally have to rely on your determination and willpower to get you through the cravings, but once your body has rid itself of all nicotine – you should have no further cravings. If you do, it is more going to be because of the habit rather than actual nicotine cravings, and while breaking a habit isn’t easy – it is a lot easier than fighting cravings. Sadly, the reason why going cold turkey often doesn’t work is because powering through those initial cravings is tough, and many people ‘give in’ and have ‘one last cigarette’ here and there.

This is not what going cold turkey is all about, and if you fall into that trap then you’re bound to fail!

All things said and done, going cold turkey is without a doubt an effective way to quit smoking. However, different people find that they respond differently to different methods, and that is why it might not be exactly the right solution for you. If you happen to be highly motivated, and totally determined to kick smoking – go cold turkey. If not, it might be best to try some other alternative.

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