Advantages of Video Marketing Over Text and Images

Do you know why video marketing has grown in popularity by leaps and bounds? Do you fully appreciate exactly why almost every marketer worth his or her salt is hopping on board this train? These are the facts that you need to be aware of if you intend to understand the truth about the advantages of using videos as part and parcel of your marketing effort.

And more importantly – these facts will allow you to ensure that you’re taking advantage of the full potential of videos.

Right off the bat it should be clear to you that videos are a distinctly superior form of media. Where text is limited to describing certain things through words, and images can only show specific instances in the form of pictures – video has no such limitations. While you’re talking about something in a video you can actually show your viewers exactly what you mean (live!) so that there is no room for misunderstanding or miscommunication.

More importantly however, the impact of video is far greater than text or images. When confronted with walls of text with simply a few scattered images – many end up getting turned off. Unless the text itself is magnificently well written the chances are that no small portion of your viewers will simply ‘switch off’. On the other hand, videos tend to hold peoples attention a lot longer!

Frankly speaking, videos can convey things that are impossible through text and images. When you have a video with a voice over, you’re going to be able to have nuances that text could only dream of. Sarcastic tones, enthusiasm, excitement – these are the sort of things that don’t come across well in text, but do so amazingly well when listening to a voice through a video.

What’s more, you can accentuate these tones with actual footage of what you mean. So if you say excitedly that you’re looking forward to moving into your stunning new mansion, you could actually show the mansion at the same time and the affect will be that much greater. In fact, you could even take your viewers on a tour of your mansion!

Last but certainly not least, videos will allow you to break through the digital divide in a way. When viewers hear your voice and see your face, they’re going to automatically feel as though they’re dealing with a real person as opposed to an emotionless and faceless wall of text. Don’t underestimate this advantage because it is one of the most telling.

All said and done, the advantages of video marketing are numerous and they could potentially catapult your sales sky high. Never, ever make the mistake of ignoring this potential.

A Brief Introduction to Video Marketing

Nowadays, the buzz word on the lips of anyone and everyone involved in internet marketing is ‘video’. Gone are the days of yesteryear when websites consisted solely of text (with an occasional image thrown in here and there). With the rise of broadband and other types of fast-paced internet connections – the possibilities that you could harness are close to limitless.

And amongst all those possibilities, few match the potential of video.

Now that video can be safely used without having to worry about horrendous load times (that would generally cheese any potential viewer off), what you need to ask yourself is how you can employ videos within your own marketing efforts to improve them. If you were to spend a minute thinking about it, you’ll soon realize that the possibilities are numerous, to say the least.

Anything and everything that has used text, images, or a combination of both can be made into a video. By doing so, you’ll be able to ‘show’ whatever it is you intend to show a lot more clearly. It is no surprise that information products are now increasingly popular in video form.

Within the area of video marketing, you’ll find numerous possible uses for your videos. Ranging from traffic generation, promotional videos, and even videos specifically designed for squeeze pages or sales copy – the options at your fingertips should not be underestimated. If you like, you could even create videos that help you to build up your brand name.

Before you can get to that however, you first need to know how to create the videos themselves, and that can be tricky. Very few marketers really have any experience creating videos, and if you intend to do so on your own (and thus save costs) you’ll find that there is a bit of a learning curve to overcome. Fortunately, nowadays creating videos is a lot easier than it used to be and with the right tools you should be able to create professional looking videos without much problem.

Matter of fact, many people may find that coming up with a good idea for a video and writing out the script for it is a lot harder than the actual production of the video itself.

Bear in mind that your videos are going to be more ‘simple’ in nature compared to the effect-heavy productions that some professionals are able to come up with. Still, just because a video is simple it does not mean that it is not a powerful marketing tool.

From planning to execution, the details involved with video marketing may seem daunting at times. That said, there are resources available that can help you to better understand what you could potentially achieve with this newfound avenue in the marketing world. All said and done, the potential is there – but what you do with it is going to be entirely up to you.