What is the Easiest Way to Flip Websites?

As with most things, people often try to find the easiest way to achieve their ends. Unfortunately, when it comes to website flipping – things just aren’t that easy! While it is true that there are certain strategies and methods that tend to be easier than others, the fact of the matter is that they often end up being short-term flips that have a minimal potential for profit.

In the world of website flipping, there is one thing that you need to remember. The effort that you put in terms of either creating a website or improving one that you bought, is going to directly affect the amount that you’re able to sell it buy. Granted, by working smart and planning ahead you’ll be able to identify certain areas where your efforts will bear the most fruit – but even this does not necessarily guarantee an ‘easy’ path by any means.

As you go along, you’ll identify the ways in which you can get the best results for the least effort, and this will vastly improve ability to flip websites for great profit. But even that is really just maximizing the results of your efforts.

Truth be told, the only way you can cut down on the actual amount of grunt work that you need to put in and thus find things a lot easier since you only have to handle other (less tedious!) parts of website flipping is to outsource all of the more tiresome work.

Most established website flippers have been outsourcing the bulk of their work for a long time. Instead of spending time designing your own websites, why not just hire someone to do it. Instead of writing articles for content and article marketing, why not hire a writer and get all the writing that you could ever need done without you ever having to write a word of it yourself.

On top of that, you might even consider hiring a graphic designer to get some custom graphics that could really help boost the look of your websites.

While it is true that outsourcing costs money, the fact of the matter is that you’d hope to recuperate your outlay from what you eventually sell your website for. Not only that but since you’re no longer handling so much of the grunt work by yourself, you’ll find that you’re able to flip more websites on a daily basis than you were in the past – which means more profits too!

All things said and done, this isn’t exactly what you probably had in mind when you thought to ask what the easiest way to flip websites was. Still – it is the easiest and the best way to do so! Without a doubt, this is the only way you’re going to really and truly manage to make the most out of website flipping over time!

Top Reasons Why People Fail at Website Flipping

Although there are tons and tons of success stories within the world of website flipping, you’ll undoubtedly find that there are more people who actually fail than succeed! Needless to say, this is bound to be quite worrying – but the fact of the matter is that most of the people who do fail at this business actually do so for some pretty common reasons.

Knowing these reasons will undoubtedly help you to ensure that you never end up suffering from the same issues.

As you might expect, the top reason why people fail at website flipping is that they simply fail to take action, or take action and then give up to easily, or don’t bother to learn what they should be doing. All of these problems really are the top reasons why people fail at most things related to internet marketing in general – and they apply equally well when it comes to website flipping.

To be more specific however, there are a few website flipping related reasons that you should watch out for too.

First and foremost, one of the biggest problems that beginners face when they first try to flip websites is that they have no idea how to evaluate certain websites. What this means is that not only do they not know how much they should be buying certain websites for, but they also won’t know how much they should be selling their website for. Needless to say, this is going to be the start of a vicious circle that can only end very, very badly!

Next, another big problem that most everyone faces at some point or other is the fact that enhancing and improving websites before flipping them is never as easy as people think it is. In fact, it is actually an extremely involved area that starts with evaluating a website to see where it can be improves, before actually implementing those improvements! Those who have prior experience in internet marketing, web development, or even just traffic generation will undoubtedly find this less of a problem than complete beginners.

Last, but certainly not least, one of the other major reasons why people fail at website flipping is that they don’t develop a plan as to what they intend to do. Without a plan, you’re going to find that despite the fact that you might put in a lot of effort into improving websites, those efforts will be untargeted at best and so you won’t obtain results that are as good as if you’d actually sat down and planned things out. More importantly, some of those results might not even manifest themselves till after you’ve flipped the website!

As you can see, there are many reasons why people fail at website flipping. All that you need to do now is make certain that you don’t number among these people!

Is It Possible to Flip Websites in 24 Hours?

With so many people flocking to website flipping in order to make a quick buck, there are many misconceptions floating around. Out of those misconceptions, one of the most common (and often the most damaging) is the fact that you can buy a website, dress it up, and flip it in under 24 hours! While this isn’t completely untrue, it does provide a skewed perception of website flipping, and that is something that you should definitely avoid.

First and foremost it is important to understand that to successfully flip a website in 24 hours, you’d have to somehow be able to sell that website for less than you bought it within 24 hours. The easiest way in which you can accomplish this is to buy a website that is blatantly undervalued on some website, and then sell it on another website for something that is much closer to its real value. Unfortunately, this can’t really be done consistently as it isn’t going to be very often that you find an undervalued website.

So the only other way to flip websites in 24 hours is to somehow manage to enhance the value of a website over a 24 hours period so that it suddenly becomes more appealing than it used to be. Needless to say, 24 hours is a fairly short span of time – and it is certainly not enough for you to perform any drastic changes to the traffic or profit statistics of the website.

Which means in turn that what you’re left with is performing largely cosmetic changes before you flip the website.

Make no mistake however, some of these cosmetic changes could be great. For example, if you bought a website with a really awful layout and decided to revamp it and then flip it you could probably make more simply because you managed to dress it up a lot better. Similarly, adding quite a lot of content (or pre-loading it into a scheduler) would definitely appeal to certain potential buyers. These are the kinds of changes that you can easily perform in under an hour, and then just flip your website as a slightly improved version of its former self.

Cosmetic changes are really nothing to scoff at. If you show potential buyers exactly what you did, and let them in on the fact that your changes should help to boost conversion rates – you should be able to cut a nice deal. Of course, it probably won’t be as much as you could get if you waited and performed other enhancements, but since you wish to flip a website in 24 hours then you don’t exactly have the time for that.

End of the day, while it is possible to flip websites in 24 hours, the truth is that with a little more patience and a willingness to wait for websites to ‘grow’ and ‘mature’, you could earn a lot more from website flipping!

Do Domain Names Matter When Flipping Websites?

There was a point in time when domain names seemed to matter a lot. That was the .com craze, and now that it has passed more and more people seem to be looking past the domain names and into the actual website statistics itself. Still, this does not mean to say that domain names don’t matter any longer, because the truth is that they still do – to a degree. The real question at hand is: How much do domain names matter when flipping websites nowadays?

Quite frankly, a good domain name is its own reward. Keyword based domain names have been shown to improve search engine rankings slightly, but not so much that you’d be willing to choose a keyword based domain with no sales whatsoever over one with a decent record of sales. So if you’re buying a website to flip, then you shouldn’t worry too much about the domain name itself but rather focus on the profit statistics. On the other hand, if you’re creating your own website then you have a fair amount of freedom – and choosing a good domain name can’t hurt!

Generally speaking, the idea behind a good domain name is that it should be memorable and contain as many keywords as possible. Mind you, too many keywords is definitely not a good idea as that will just make the domain name bulky and less memorable to boot! Choosing something simple, succint and yet keyword-based is very much the idea of the day. It is worth noting that if you’re creating a website to flip then it is most certainly not worth paying for a premium domain name!

Some non-premium domain names are worth looking into however, and you can find auctions of domain names on numerous websites. The reason to look into these auctions is that they are mostly old domain names that have been used in the past, and so you might be able to get a little bit of residual traffic from them if you purchase them. On top of that, you might also find a couple of great ideas for names, and a few bargains as well!

Basically, the fact of the matter is that nowadays the effect of a good domain name is really secondary to its results as a website. People have learnt a lot since the .com craze and it has been proven time and time again that a good domain name does not necessarily mean that a website is going to be successful. It is what you do with the domain name that really counts, and that is where you should focus the bulk of your efforts.

Remember this, and if you happen to have the liberty of choosing your own name – choose something decent. If not, there’s no point worrying about it at all!

An Introduction to Website Flipping

Website flipping is one of those internet marketing activities that has generated a lot of interest, especially over the last few years. Truthfully, it has been around much longer than that in many forms, however it is only of late that it has really started to interest a wide crowd of people as they begin to realize just how profitable it can be to flip websites for cash!

Basically, the core idea behind website flipping is a simple one. All that it consists of is acquiring a website and then ‘flipping it’ (i.e. selling it) for a profit. As you should be able to see quite clearly, this is nothing new and it has been done for ages. A long time ago, Hotmail.com was sold to Microsoft for millions, and more recently even YouTube was sold to Google. Over the years, the same has happened to many other websites as well, and these are just two of the biggest.

At one point in time, the .com craze meant that a lot of people were ‘flipping’ domains rather than complete websites. What this meant was that people would buy up domains that might be considered valuable, such as InternetMarketing.com, and then sell them at a premium rate. Nowadays, this does remain part and parcel of website flipping, but it normally isn’t enough to just sell on a domain name unless it is a particularly good one (and most of those are taken or need to be bought at premium prices in the first place!).

Frankly speaking, the entire idea of website flipping, i.e. selling off websites at a profit, means that you need to somehow convince potential buyers that the website in question is worth more than you bought it for. What this means is that you either need to find a website that was undervalued in the first place (and then sell it based on its actual value), or you need to somehow enhance and improve the website in question so that it is more attractive than when you first bought it, and can therefore be sold at a higher value.

This is the tricky part when it comes to website flipping, and it is the reason why many people often find it difficult when they first get started. If you have no prior experience with websites, and have no idea how to improve them, you could very well find yourself quite stuck.

With so many resources out there to help you however, you should be able to easily acquire the knowledge that you need. All things said and done, website flipping is indeed a very profitable enterprise, provided you get into it with your eyes wide open and fully knowing the fact that it will take a while for you to perfect the art of flipping websites.