What Class Levels Up the Fastest in World of Warcraft?

Nowadays, many people starting out in Azeroth want to get to level 80 as quickly as possible so that they can start to join in on the really big battles, and get the really cool gear from the end game instances.

Needless to say, this is perfectly natural, and you’ve probably already asked yourself this question if you number among these people: Which class levels up the fastest?

Frankly speaking, there is no easy answer to this. Well, to be honest a lot of people say that hunters level up the fastest – but that isn’t entirely true. Almost every class has a case to be made, and so it is important that you understand what affects the leveling rates of various classes so that you can pick the right one.

For starters, there are a few things that matter when you’re leveling up, and they are:

1. How fast you’re able to kill enemy mobs (and thus complete quests), and
2. How much time you have to rest in between killing mobs

Some classes that are more focused on dealing damage, such as mages, find that they’re able to kill enemy mobs very, very fast. But unfortunately they also have to spend time drinking water after every few kills in order to replenish their mana stores.

Other classes kill mobs more slowly, but don’t have to drink in between and so can go from kill to kill with relatively little downtime.

Basically, how fast you level is going to depend on how quickly you can kill mobs while still not having to rest and recuperate too often. End of the day, this is more about playing strategy than anything else seeing as a high damage class could very often tone down their damage slightly and kill more slowly but thus waste less time resting.

Another thing to consider is that classes with pets (i.e. warlocks and hunters) tend to have a slightly easier time leveling as they’re a little more versatile and can afford to have their pets soak up a lot of the damage that mobs inflict (which means less resting time again!).

Traditionally, hunters have been said to be the ‘fastest’ class to level up, but if you don’t really like playing a hunter you’ll find that you can level up quickly with practically any class at all now that you know the factors that help your leveling rate.

Just to top it all off, having a good knowledge of quests and what you need to do to complete them, would also definitely help improve your leveling rates.

Top Tips for World of Warcraft Beginners

Getting started in World of Warcraft is easy – but challenging at the same time. Very often beginners find themselves faced with a slew of problems, and finding the solutions can be time consuming and tedious.

Right here and now we’re going to be guiding you through some of the best tips around so that you never have to face those kinds of problems!

1. Get as many bags as possible, as soon as possible

In World of Warcraft your inventory consists of bags in which you store items. Initially you start off with 1 backpack that allows you to store 16 items. Needless to say, this can fill up rather quickly so you’re going to want to get additional backpacks as soon as possible.

While 16 slot backpacks can be expensive for beginners, 10 slot backpacks are relatively cheap and you should buy as many of these as possible, as soon as possible! That way, you’ll be able to store more items and will find that things are a lot easier as a result.

2. Learn how to use the Auction House

Basically the Auction House is the center of trading for World of Warcraft and it is the easiest place to find practically anything and everything you could desire. Learning how to use the Auction House will allow you to browse through the selections, identify bargains, and buy what you need.

Also, you could sell some of the items you acquire during your adventures for quite a bit of gold!

3. Pick up gathering professions

Choosing two gathering professions (or at very least one) to begin with will allow you to collect more materials and then sell them for gold. When you’re starting out, gold is going to be one of your biggest concerns and so by picking gathering professions you’re going to ensure that you have enough on you at all times to learn new skills and buy equipment as and when you require.

Sure, other professions may offer great rewards later on, but you can always swap one (or both) of your gathering professions for those once you’re higher up and gold isn’t that big a worry!

With these tips in hand, you should find that your initial World of Warcraft experience goes a whole lot smoother. Now that you know what you can expect, and what you can do to help your character grow, you’re already at an advantage.

Be sure to use what you’ve learnt!

Should You Level Your Wold of Warcraft Character as Fast as Possible?

Once you start to level up, you’ll find that you slowly but surely end up building a desire to level up faster than you currently are. As you experience more and more of the wonderful content within the game, you’ll want to get further faster, and be able to get all that really cool gear and powerful spells that you see other players using.

Due to this, the temptation to level up your character as fast as possible is bound to exist, and you could very well end up getting frustrated by the pace at which you’re leveling and want to improve on it.

But at the same time, there’s bound to be a little part of you that wonders: Is it really a good idea to just race through your levels as fast as possible?

Honestly – there is no easy answer to this, and the jury is still out on this one. On one hand, leveling fast means that you get to experience the ‘pinnacle’ of the game content more quickly, i.e. the big bosses at the end of the game.

On the other hand though, it also means that you’re going to be missing out on a lot of the lower level content that can be pretty fun to work your way through as well!

Apart from the content though, the fact of the matter is that powering through levels often has one very detrimental effect: Your gear is probably not going to be up to par with your level unless you happen to be very lucky.

Most players who level up slowly and do the lower instances and quests end up gaining gear as they do so, meaning that they’re constantly updating their gear. But if you’re leveling up fast and not doing as many instances and quests as you do so, you’ll find that your gear very often is obsolete really quickly.

Once that happens, killing mobs that are your level can start to be more and more difficult!

Still, on the flipside, if you’re able to adapt to this and make certain that you upgrade your gear as much as possible, it’ll mean that you gain access to higher level gear that would’ve replaced whatever other gear you had anyway.

See how complicated a question this can be?

Basically – the only answer that is really important as far as fast leveling is concerned is whether or not you’re comfortable with it. There’s no point leveling fast if you find that it gets tedious and you can’t cope with it.

On the other hand, going slow and getting bored is just as bad.

Pick a pace that suits you – and go with that!

Discover the 3 Fastest Ways to Get Rich on World of Warcraft

Gold, gold, gold! In World of Warcraft, gold is the cornerstone of the economy and it is used for a whole slew of things ranging from training up your skills to buying gear, mounts, and so many other things.

End of the day, the fact of the matter is that without gold, you’re not going to be able to afford all the things that you’ll need to help yourself get further in the game. As such, it makes sense that you’ll definitely want to get rich as quickly as possible in the game itself.

Once you’ve had these 3 amazing tips revealed to you, it should be within your grasp!

1. Don’t buy items unless you really need them

Very often new players end up buying items that they don’t really need. These items could be anything ranging from actual armor and weapons right on to materials to help level their professions.

Frankly speaking, until you have a steady supply of gold coming in, buying items is just going to deplete whatever little gold you do have, and so the first step to getting rich is to stop spending gold on things that you don’t need.

Simple, right?

2. Master the auction house

As the center of commerce, the auction house is an essential part of any player’s experience, and you need to master it – fast. Try using an addon such as auctioneer to help you keep track of the prices of items, and even spot items that are going at a lower-than-normal price tag.

By being aware of what items are worth on the auction house, you’ll find that you can sell off most of that ‘junk’ that you usually just sell to vendors for much more attractive prices!

At the same time, you’re a lot less likely to end up paying more than what you should for anything that you do buy.

3. Find a demand and supply it!

Once you’re able to figure out what people want and are willing to pay money for (i.e. materials, special types of equipment, cloth, and so on), you can easily farm those specific items and make a killing while you do so.

If you want, you could even try to manipulate the auction house by attempting to monopolize the market for a certain item!

Follow these three simple tips and you’ll have tapped into the fastest way to get rich on World of Warcraft. While it may not be rocket science, getting your cash flow just right is slightly tricky, but with a little bit of practice you’ll find that in no time you’re pretty much swimming in gold.

A Beginner’s Introduction to the Auction House

Know how to use the Auction House and you’ll find that you have an entire world of possibilities right at your fingertips.

For most people, the more basic functions of the auction house are fairly easy to grasp. Essentially, items are posted up as auctions, and players get to bid on them. Some items even have ‘buy out’ clauses so that they can be bought immediately for a fixed sum.

Needless to say, this means that most of your buying and selling will take place through the auction house, and you’ll find that whenever you have an item of interest, you can put it up for sale.

Initially, some of your best selling items will be different types of cloth, i.e. linen, wool, silk, and so on. No matter what, there’s always a pretty hefty demand for cloth and so you can’t really go wrong with it.

As you grow more used to the auction house you’ll also start to spot other items that are often sold for decent prices. Knowing the prices at which items generally go for is important as it will enable you to spot a bargain when you see one. Even if you don’t need an item, bidding on it and then selling it at a higher price (i.e. closer to the real average price) could be profitable.

Keeping track of prices by memory can be pretty tough, which is why many players use addons such as Auctioneer in order to track the prices on their server and give them all the information that they require. Without a doubt, this could help simplify your efforts tremendously.

Once you master the auction house, you’ll find that you should never really have issues with gold. Although fairly basic in nature, when used well the auction house will allow you to profit tremendously, especially if you can provide a stream of rare items.

Selling potions from alchemy, backpacks from tailoring, armor kits from leather working, sharpening stones from blacksmithing, and so on are all great ways to combine the results of your profession with the auction house to truly make a pot of gold.

Similarly, if you’re able to provide constant supplies of valuable materials, you’ll also find that the auction house is the single best method to gain cash.

Now that you’re fully familiar with this introduction to the auction house, go ahead and see it for yourself. Auction houses are located in every major city, so just head over to one and talk to the auctioneers. Believe us, you won’t regret it!