A Beginner’s Introduction to the Auction House

Know how to use the Auction House and you’ll find that you have an entire world of possibilities right at your fingertips.

For most people, the more basic functions of the auction house are fairly easy to grasp. Essentially, items are posted up as auctions, and players get to bid on them. Some items even have ‘buy out’ clauses so that they can be bought immediately for a fixed sum.

Needless to say, this means that most of your buying and selling will take place through the auction house, and you’ll find that whenever you have an item of interest, you can put it up for sale.

Initially, some of your best selling items will be different types of cloth, i.e. linen, wool, silk, and so on. No matter what, there’s always a pretty hefty demand for cloth and so you can’t really go wrong with it.

As you grow more used to the auction house you’ll also start to spot other items that are often sold for decent prices. Knowing the prices at which items generally go for is important as it will enable you to spot a bargain when you see one. Even if you don’t need an item, bidding on it and then selling it at a higher price (i.e. closer to the real average price) could be profitable.

Keeping track of prices by memory can be pretty tough, which is why many players use addons such as Auctioneer in order to track the prices on their server and give them all the information that they require. Without a doubt, this could help simplify your efforts tremendously.

Once you master the auction house, you’ll find that you should never really have issues with gold. Although fairly basic in nature, when used well the auction house will allow you to profit tremendously, especially if you can provide a stream of rare items.

Selling potions from alchemy, backpacks from tailoring, armor kits from leather working, sharpening stones from blacksmithing, and so on are all great ways to combine the results of your profession with the auction house to truly make a pot of gold.

Similarly, if you’re able to provide constant supplies of valuable materials, you’ll also find that the auction house is the single best method to gain cash.

Now that you’re fully familiar with this introduction to the auction house, go ahead and see it for yourself. Auction houses are located in every major city, so just head over to one and talk to the auctioneers. Believe us, you won’t regret it!